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Bad Advice #6: Torpedo Science!

There is a lot of science that goes into launching your torpedoes properly. Our little captain and his trusty goldfish learn that the hard way. As usual...

Project R: Triple XP Event Unlocked

General News
A major milestone has just been reached by the European World of Warships community participating in Project R. It is time to reap the benefits!

Premium Shop: Equal Shares

Premium Shop
Weekly offers in the Premium Shop have been updated!

World of Warships In 2016

Take a sneaky peek over the hunched shoulders of our developers and see what they have in store for us in the following months in this video. Spoilers alert!

Boot Camp Challenge: Sink Them!

Boot Camp Rule No. 1: If you cannot sink them, you cannot really win them!

Meet Dasha Perova

Dasha Perova has been introducing all the new in-game features for a while now, but who is she, really? Get to know our fabulous host in our video profile!

Patch Alert

Game Updates
Dragons incoming! And a brand new way of archiving our game updates, so you can easily backtrack and look up any changes to the game...

Public Test 0.5.3: All Hands On Deck!

Public Test
Calling all captains. Join the Public Test of the upcoming major Update and earn Signals and a Premium day on the live server!

Developer Bulletin: Update 0.5.3

Game Updates
The first major update of 2016 is bringing a brand new and highly expected Team Battles game mode, new commander skills and much more!

February In-Game Events + Wallpaper

Special in-game missions are ready to both challenge and reward you on the high seas. And of course, a wallpaper to decorate your February PC desktop.

Premium Shop: Offers for February

Premium Shop
Monthly offers in the Premium Shop have just been updated. Take a look!

Project R: Half-Way There!

General News
The European World of Warships community is swarming the high seas, collecting scores of Pearls and is getting ever closer towards its ultimate goal.
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