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Wargaming Community Party 2016 at the Roonburg

After the success of our past parties, we had the pleasant responsibility to throw another during gamescom 2016!

Public Test 0.5.11 Reveals Ships' Armour Secrets!

Public Test
The latest update approaches, bringing you an Armour Viewer, a new game mode called Epicenter and much more - let the testing begin!

Introducing the Dunkerque

Premium Shop
The first ship of the French navy sails head-on into the game, with 8 frontal guns ready to fire a devastating salvo. Vive la France!

The Return of the Błyskawica

Premium Shop
The Polish lightning from Tier VII is once again storming the Premium shop. Bang!

German Battleships at gamescom!

With gamescom being held in Cologne, Germany, we thought it would be a perfect time devote an entire article to our brand-new German Battleships.

15% Off All World Of Warships Italeri Model Kits

General News
We've got a special offer for you, 15% off the entire World of Tanks and Warships lines of Italeri Model Kits! How does that sound?

Weekend Doubles: Making Some Room

With German battleships storming into the game, we figured you might be in need of some Port slots and perhaps an experience conversion. There you go!

Premium Shop Weekly

Premium Shop
The weekly offers are in – check them out!

Master of Orion Hits The Galaxy Hard!

General News
It's finally here: Master of Orion is hitting the galaxy hard!

1:42 Scale: Russian Cruiser Bogatyr

We are uncovering the interesting history of a protected cruiser nicknamed "Hercules"; the lead ship of the Bogatyr class of protected cruisers.

gamescom 2016: Thank You!

gamescom 2016
gamescom 2016 is officially over, but these moments will stay with us forever. We hope to see you next year!

What's On The Horizon for World of Warships? Devs Speak!

gamescom 2016
We talked to the devs at gamescom about German battleships and about what to expect next in World of Warships. There is a bright future ahead!

Boot Camp: Best of its Class

Boot Camp Rule No. 6: To be the best in the class, you first need to master all, to rule them all.

Select Payment Type Benefits for EU Region!

Premium Shop
Get more gold when purchasing with select payment methods in the EU Region!

gamescom 2016: The Player's Perspective

gamescom 2016
We caught up with our passionate audience to ask them about their feelings and thoughts on the games at the show.

Introducing the Scharnhorst

Premium Shop
The long awaited second German battleship to come into the game, the famed Scharnhorst is leading its class before the rest of the fleet arrives.

gamescom 2016: 5 Things to Love

gamescom 2016
The Wargaming show here in Cologne would be nothing without happy players. Here are five of the best things about gamescom that people absolutely love.

Ship Report: 1 Year Of Progress

gamescom 2016
It's been a year since our launch on the high seas, so it's high time we looked at where we were, where we are and where we are headed.