Winter Sales: Featuring Prinz Eugen & Arizona

The December winter sales are ongoing! This time we offer you the German prince of the seas, Prinz Eugen, and the legacy of American super-dreadnought battleshi...

The Holidays Have Arrived

General News
The festive season is here, and it's a time for giving. Get them something they REALLY want... the Wargaming Store has everything for budding captains.

Weekend Special: Happy Holidays Preparations Week #2

We did promise you more special winter offers, didn't we? Well, here are the week two offerings! Make the best use of all the discounts and enjoy an experience ...

Master the Seas: Artillery

Ahoy Captains! We would like to present you our new video mini-series, Master the Seas. Its main purpose is to help new players master the basics of the game an...

1:42 Scale: German Light Cruiser Kolberg

This time, we are uncovering the interesting history of a German cruiser, SMS Kolberg, the lead ship of the Kolberg-class of light cruisers.

Weekly Missions: Battle of Pearl Harbor

This week's special missions are dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Commemorate this monumental, historical event with us by compl...

Mighty Mo Has Arrived!

General News
Remember when we told you to stock up on Free XP? Well, now is the time to use it!

Winter Sales: Featuring Dunkerque & Krasny Krym

Premium Shop
December is here so it's high time we started the winter sales. This time, instead of one featured vessel we have TWO! First in line comes the French battleship...

Weekend Special: Happy Holidays Preparations Week #1

Winter is coming, which means it's about time to start preparing for it. Enjoy all this week's discounts and an experience multiplier bonus for your first win, ...

Arpeggio Missions Come To A Close

General News
From January 1st 2017, Arpeggio missions will no longer be available. You have been warned!

Wallpaper for December

General News
The end of the year is nigh, but don't fear, we have one last wallpaper for 2016!

Premium Shop: Offers for December

Premium Shop
The monthly offers in the Premium Shop are coming in hot. Check them out, before they cool down!

Naval Legends: Russian Cruiser Aurora

In the spotlight of the latest Naval Legends episode is the last ship of the Pallada-class protected cruisers, Aurora, which served during the Russo-Japanese Wa...

Missions Are A-Changing!

General News
For December, say goodbye to Boot Camp, we've got some extra special missions coming in its place!

Introducing Update 0.5.15

Game Updates
Update 0.5.15 brings with it Campaigns evolved from Battle Missions, IJN reinforcements and Dynamic Divisions to name but a few new features...

Crowning the Winter King

Compete in our December tournament with your team - fame, prizes and the title of “King of the Sea” are yours for the taking!

Epic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

General News
Black Friday is here and Cyber Monday is coming. It can only mean one thing: deals, Deals, DEALS!

Weekend Special: Cyber Sales

Doesn't matter if you are celebrating Black Friday or Cyber Monday as they are both about two things: great discounts and exclusive offers. In World of Warships...