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Game Updates
What has been fixed in the current version of the game?

Patch Alert

Game Updates
Following in the wake of the major 0.5.5 Update, the Patch is bringing USS Indianapolis into the client for testing!

Update 0.5.5 is Live!

Game Updates
What is new in World of Warships? What has been added, changed, rebalanced and tweaked by the development team?

Patch Alert

Game Updates
April Fools' game mode is being added to the game as well as some important balance changes.

Update 0.5.4 Inbound!

Game Updates
The Soviet cruiser fleet has finally anchored in the game! Watch the review of this update with our host Dasha Perova inside...

Red Steel: Introducing Soviet Cruisers

Game Updates
Prep your spyglass and zoom in on the approaching fleet of Soviet Cruisers on the horizon. We reveal the whole branch with all the nuts and bolts!

Patch Alert

Game Updates
Soviet cruisers are being added to the game for testing purposes, but you will be able to preview them in Port! This patch also brings some fixes and tweaks.

Patch Alert

Game Updates
Some small changes for your ships and the world they sail in - more details inside!

Update 0.5.3 FAQ

Game Updates
Major changes to the game mechanics and features in Update 0.5.3 might need some further explanation. Why not get it directly from the devs?

Update 0.5.3 Arrives!

Game Updates
Team Battles, new commander skills, achievements and improved matchmaking are the major features in the new update, but it sure isn't all...

Patch Alert

Game Updates
Dragons incoming! And a brand new way of archiving our game updates, so you can easily backtrack and look up any changes to the game...

Developer Bulletin: Update 0.5.3

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The first major update of 2016 is bringing a brand new and highly expected Team Battles game mode, new commander skills and much more!

Patch Alert Pan-Asian Ships Inbound

Game Updates
A minor game update is adding a few new ships into the client for testing as well as some little improvements along the way. More details inside!

Patch Alert: Game Update

Game Updates
A minor update is here to make your life on the high seas better. Details inside.

Patch Alert: Game Update

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Here are the changes that you can expect with the arrival of the new game version!

Patch Alert: Game Update 0.5.2

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Major update is bringing a boatload of content that will keep you occupied on the high seas during the Holiday Season. General quarters!

Developer Bulletin: Update 0.5.2

Game Updates
December's major update is here, bringing refinements and additions based mainly on your feedback. The Public Test is also on the horizon. Read more!

Patch Alert: Game Update

Game Updates
A minor update to the client is bringing a special New Year's camouflage and some fixes to the game.

Update 0.5.4 Inbound!

Game Updates

The Soviet cruiser fleet has finally anchored in the game! Watch the review of this update with our host Dasha Perova...

Update 0.5.4 is bringing a full branch of Soviet cruisers!

Watch the full dev diaries to find out how these ships came to life. It took a lot of research, time and work to make these beasts float in World of Warships...

Interested in raw numbers? Before checking them in the game, you can get a sneak peak in the interactive tech-tree below.

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The update is scheduled for 24 March and will be applied on the servers from 05:30 until 07:00 CET during which time the game server will be offline.

Release Notes 0.5.4

9 Soviet cruisers added to the U.S.S.R. tech-tree

  • Novik - Tier II
  • Bogatyr -Tier III
  • Svetlana - Tier IV
  • Kirov - Tier V
  • Budeny - Tier VI
  • Schors - Tier VII
  • Chapaev - Tier VIII
  • Dmitry Donskoy - Tier IX
  • Moskva - Tier X
Radar Consumable added. Available for Soviet cruisers, starting from Tier VIII.
  • Gives the ability to detect all enemy ships within a set area, regardless of visual obstacles.

US cruisers of Tier VIII and up will also get Radar Consumable in the nearest patch.

Other changes and fixes

  • Recalculated protection of secondary guns from HE shells and shrapnel - it is now calculated based on the maximum thickness of the frontal armor. Hit points of secondary guns have been doubled.
  • Increased the added efficiency of AA defense from 10% to 30% when manually selecting a target.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Radar" icon to be displayed when the player is no longer detected by another ship, but is still detected by an aircraft
  • Changed the sound effect for damage markers
  • Fixed the tooltip for achievements: achievement can't be obtained in Team Battles, even though these tips suggested the contrary
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a price in Doubloons to automatically change while converting freeXP
  • Removed price in Doubloons for the "Type 5" camouflage

ARPEGGIO-mode changes

  • Iona is now the default captain of the ship "Kirishima"
  • Captain Yotaro has been added

Features added for testing purposes only

  • A test ship based on the Yubari has been added to the game client. This ship is used for testing purposes only and has special in-game characteristics.
  • Tier VII premium US aircraft carrier Saipan and Tier III premium British destroyer Campbeltown have been added to the game for testing purposes. They are unavailable for purchase at the moment, but players may see them in battles.

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