Clan battles - Join MrConway, Crysantos, Izolate & [AAO] for the action!

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Win Big With Signal Flags

This weekend only are holding a special lottery for those who use signal flags, see inside for more details on how you can win big!

Community Competition - Design A Patch

General News
Want to see your work in the game? Time to get creative and crack out the crayons in the latest competition! See inside for more details.

Weekly Discounts and Missions - Lunar New Year Deals!

Premium Shop
World of Warships is celebrating the Year of the Dog with a flurry of missions and special ship deals!

[Round 2] Public Test 0.7.2

Public Test
Try out the latest French Battleships, new Operation "Hermes", new Campaign "The Gold of France", plus loads more in 0.7.2.

Invite Friends and Win Four Premium Ships!

General News
Recruit the most players by 18th February and win four tier VII Premiums ships!

Sea Smackdown 25 - Midway Magic

Some spectacular aircraft carrier play in this episode of Sea Smackdown, as Midway dominates sea and air.

Love Cats Comic

General News
See inside for the love story of the century - the romantic tale of a sheltered uptown feline and a streetwise port cat.

Season 8 Results

General News
Check out the results from Season 8 of Ranked Battles.

Wargaming Store: Get a Valentine’s Mystery Bag!

General News
Get a Valentine’s surprise from Wargaming – find out what’s in our Mystery Bags!

Aigle Takes Off! Sale & Mission Marathon

See inside Aigle bundles. Fancy battling it out for the ship? Scroll down for the 26-part mission marathon.

Delve into French Battleships

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The introduction of French battleships is great, but how should we play them?

Naval Legends Missions

Join us for not only for Naval Legends, but also something a little different today - you won't regret it.

Dasha's New YouTube Competition

General News
Watch the video inside for more details.

Weekly Discounts and Missions

General News
See what discounts and missions are in store this week.

A Tour of Marseille: New In-Game Port!

General News
With the French battleships on the horizon, we're taking a leisurely stroll around the latest historical Port to come to World of Warships, the Old Port of Mars...

Dasha Presents Update

Game Updates
Dasha has some exciting updates in 0.7.1 including the 'Vive la France' collection, a new clan battles season, clan search and loads of minor improvements & fix...

Błyskawica Sets Sail For Cobi’s New World of Warships Range!

General News
Cobi is introducing its first model ship based on World of Warships!