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British Battleships at gamescom!

Get the latest news on the British Battleship branch straight from gamescom!

Tier VII — King George V

General News
King George V is a ship that marks a significant change of "character" and new features in the branch!

Bring it on Home: Graf Zeppelin is here!

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Leave your enemies dazed and confused and show them no quarter with the first German Aircraft Carrier to come to World of Warships!

Clan features, Season 2 of PvE missions, and the Pan-Asian Fleet at gamescom!

gamescom 2017
Find out about the new clan features, PvE missions, and pan-Asian fleet presented at gamescom!

Celebrate gamescom 2017 with dynamite deals!

gamescom 2017
Celebrate the world’s biggest gaming event with MASSIVE savings from Wargaming’s partners!

[Round 2] Public Test 0.6.10

Public Test
The British Battleship Lion, New effects, Sound and Interface changes, and more in our latest Public Test!

Update—British Battleship Nelson!

Game Updates
The Tier VII British battleship Nelson has been added to the tech tree and is available for purchase for free XP in the game client!

Tier VI — Queen Elizabeth. Her Royal Highness

General News
Many historians consider Queen Elizabeth to be the best battleship of World War I.

gamescom 2017 special


Tier V — Iron Duke—the "Iron Duke" of the Royal Navy.

General News
Iron Duke is joining the British Battleship branch at Tier V!

gamescom 2017: Social Media Contest, Livestreams & Activities!

gamescom 2017
Make sure you never miss a second of the action from gamescom 2017 by following us on social media and checking out our streaming schedules for the event!

gamescom 2017: Community Activities!

gamescom 2017
All you need to know about our community activities at gamescom 2017 - don't be a Cologne Ranger, come say hi!

gamescom Contest: Full Nelson

General News
The Royal Navy battleships are days from arriving in the game and you have the chance to win some British steel and help us celebrate gamescom 2017 in the proce...

Tier IV — Orion. A super-dreadnought in service of the Crown

General News
The Tier IV battleship Orion was the first "super-dreadnought" battleship in the world to carry 13.5-inch guns.

Premium Shop: Yamamoto Starter packs

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Get a head start on the Yamamoto campaign with special containers and bundles for select Cruisers!

Sea Smackdown 13: Lucky number 13

Luck or skill - you decide in our latest Sea Smackdown video featuring the player "Cardeas_1st" in their Fuso!

Weekend Special: Operation Dragoon

Discounts on Allied vessels, some missions with the chance to earn a day of Premium Account and the Free French Naval Forces—plus more inside!

Premium Shop—Your little friend!

Premium Shop
Say hello to you little friend Oleg, along with some of your favourite staples, in our latest Premium Shop special!