Community Contributors Program

User content represents a large and important part of the project for the World of Warships team. We are highly grateful to our players who help us develop our game.

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Do you watch streams on YouTube and Twitch and want to stream yourself, but have no time to delve into the ins, outs, software, and settings? In just four lessons, we’ll explain the basics; and after a month, you’ll be good enough to participate in a streaming competition! If you’ve just started and want to join the Contributor program, this is your chance to bypass the rules, get noticed, and receive support on our official YouTube and Twitch channels. Watch the lessons and don’t miss your chance!


Lesson 1. Basics!

Start streaming right now! Where to start.

Lesson 2. Software for streaming

Lesson 2 begins! Choosing the right software and where to stream

Lesson 3. OBS Setup and First Stream

Just a little tweaking, and we're live!

Lesson 4. Streaming with Sound and Voice

How to choose a microphone and sound post-processing.

Learn moreOn this page, we've collected links to some of our external fan resources. The list will be continuously updated with more distinguished contributors in future. The fan resources are products of a third party who do not relate to the development team. The World of Warships team considers these resources valuable and informative, but they do not bear any responsibility for their content.


Welcome to my channel! I might play Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships perhaps a bit too enthusiastically (big grin)

Always improve, never stagnate!

Kieffer & Koukof
K² ou deux trentenaires au micro qui sont là pour vous faire passer un bon moment en vous donnant les clès du gameplay de World of Warships

Freue mich schon auf euren Besuch! Aber streicheln ist nicht ;)

Der alte Lümmel gibt ALLES !!! Für jung und alt !!!

Od gracza dla graczy!

ujea (ProGamer)
Poradniki, gameplay’e i inne!


getfun (TVgetfun)
Полундра! Гетфан на связи!

Nik_Torov (Воротник WOWS)
Удачи вам, как в игре, так и в жизни!

Smilikys, Etric, ARA90rN (Оружейная)
Впереди много интересного!

Tenken (TenkenTV)
Смелым - помогает судьба.

Turry (Turry&Lleksa Streaming)
Свистать всех наверх, большие и маленькие любители крупных калибров!

z1ooo (
Всем добра, с вами z1ooo.



Hey, this is Notser!


Go rune someone's day!

The one CV you don't want to see on the enemy team!



Sekba (Yuro)
I make fun and engaging videos



쉽린이 론도의 맵별 운영방법 및 맵리딩 가이딩 방송

สวัสดีกัปตันทุกท่าน ผม Invisible Gamer หรือชื่อในเกมคือ Onlinegamerชาแนลของผม จะทำเกี่ยวกับ Gameplay, Tip&trick และ Live Streaming ของเกม World of Warshipsสำหรับกัปตันทุกท่านที่สนใจที่อยากจะติดตาม สามารถติดตามได้ที่ Invisible Gamer ทาง Youtube :)

擅長船隻 驅逐 巡洋 主力


Dear Creator! Welcome to World of Warships Community Contributors Program!

Our aim with this program is to build a healthy and constructive community that is welcoming for new players to join, and helpful for veterans to flourish. As a Community Contributor, we are placing you in the spotlight as a positive example and role model. Your personal and professional growth are of utmost importance to us, so we will be happy to promote your quality content and provide assets for you to create it.

How to apply?

Using your main account, you need to submit a short message to the respective Regional forum thread (please chose the region according to your game account):

Your submission will be visible to our staff and moderators, and you only. Other players won't be able to see it.

Please submit the following:

  • Tell us something about yourself..well, anything you want;
  • Tell us what goals do you pursue by applying to the Program;
  • Give us the link to your content: twitch, YouTube, website, blog, etc - anything you typically produce and share with the community;
  • Give us your Discord Tag, as this will be our primary communication tool.

If you feel like doing that, and want to possibly save time for the future, please also include:

  • Your t-shirt size;
  • Your date of birth;

IMPORTANT: submissions without any already created content on World of Warships will be dismissed. We believe that the Program is good for those who already made first steps into World of Warships content creation. While we do want to promote players new to content creations and just beginning their journey down that particular road, we do expect to see your commitment in the form of content produced on your own.

So, our hard requirements are:

  • The channel exists for at least 3 months;
  • At least one of the following:
    • 1000+ subscribers (typically that will be YouTube subs or Twitch followers, and any equivalent on other platforms);
    • There are at least 12 contributions there (videos, streams, articles, guides, etc).

Now, the further criteria are very simple: the quality of your content and the potential we see in it. In some cases we reserve the right to reject the application based on our evaluation of the content.

After we check the application (this may take around 5 work days, as we also need to continue making World of Warships awesome, so please excuse any delays), we will contact you in Discord for further steps.

Of course, applying and then taking part in the program means you've carefully read and accepted all information on this page.

That also means that you are responsible for following the FTC endorsement guidelines, should they apply to you.

Encouraged behavior

Any of these is a plus, but might not be necessary in particular cases:

  • Keep a regular uploading/stream schedule*;
  • Make content that can reach outside our core audience on occasion;
  • Be engaged with your audience;
  • Give constructive feedback on changes both directly to the team through designated channels and through produced content;
  • Respect other viewpoints and be able to debate topics with sufficient reasoning;
  • Help the game/community grow.

* We are determined to respect your preferred content generation pace and not going to rush you. We just want to make sure you stay on our radar. In case we don't see your presence for too long, we will try to contact you before suspending your access.


As a member of WoWs Community Contributors Program, you will be eligible for*:

  • Access to WoWs CC Program Discord channel, where all communications on the program will take place, and there is direct line with World of Warships developers for questions and feedback;
  • Early access to upcoming content, determined by the CC Program team (mostly ships). The opportunity to make exclusive previews according to the schedule provided;
  • СС group on Forum;
  • Exclusive in-game items**:
    • СС in-game Flag;
    • СС in-game patch, background and emblem;
    • CC containers for your own contests and giveaways, with the chance to drop premium ships and unique consumable camo exclusive for the CC program**;
    • CC consumable camo with rich economy bonuses for your convenience;

Depending on opportunities, as well as your success, we will also seek to give you additional benefits:

  • Feature your content in-game and on our website (for that, we may need some formal legal stuff signed - not because we love the paperwork, but because possible legislation issues);
  • Invite WoWs developers for you to interview;
  • Joint streams with WoWs team;
  • Invite you to offline events and maybe even bring you to the center of WoWs development in Russia (don't be afraid!) at our expense;
  • Give you additional in-game giveaways and rewards, especially for:
    • Being especially active (and by that we mean 2 and more quality WoWS content contributions per week, be it streams, videos or articles);
    • Growing your subscribers on YouTube or Twitch and reaching milestones:
    • Your birthday, because you are our friend (smile)

* All perks are credited to your main game account associated with the Program where applicable.

** There is guaranteed and unified entry number of items for every Program participant; it is set on monthly basis for everyone.

No-no’s (strict rules)

We expect community contributors to avoid creating content containing the following or behave in public spaces in a way that implies:

  • Racial slurs, homophobic comments or insults;
  • Personal attacks or harassment directed towards anyone;
  • Personal attacks or harassment directed towards other members of the Program*;
  • Dishonest comments or blatant lies about our games and products;
  • Usage of our copyrighted material to promote our direct competitors;
  • Promotion of game breaking mechanics, cheats or exploits (by encouraging players to download, install or use them in any context);
  • Click bait and sensationalism, especially allegations relating to the game, company employees and their activities;
  • Sensitive content such as religion, sex, politics, or social issues;
  • Materials of pornographic, gore, death or horrifically violent nature or any other mature content of any kind;
  • Participation in, or condoning bullying or actions designed to incite, offend, or create unrest in our community.
  • Promotion of any external, paid services related to World of Warships or appearing to be related to World of Warships without permission.
  • Admission into the CC Program is conditional upon acceptance of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This means that as a Community Contributor, you may be given access to information that is not ready for public release, and as such you agree: Not to publish or leak information marked as being under NDA or published in an ‘NDA’ channel in the CC Discord.

These expectations extend to forums, streams, videos, live events, Reddit, social media or any other public space or channel.

* This is outlined deliberately. Live and let live is our princinple of relations within the Program. You may not neccessarily like other contributors, and surely can challenge their opinions, but please do it with mutual respect.

Program management

World of Warships CC Program is managed by designated international team within CC Program Management Team reserves the right to:

  • Change and update the rules of the program with notification through CC Program Discord;
  • Resolve any escalated issues and make final decisions on all CC Program affairs.

That said, the core principle of CC Program is mutual respect and constant interaction between World of Warships and Community Contributors. If you have any issue, let's talk first.


If a program participant fails to comply with the rules, guidelines and principles stated above, following measures may be applied, determined by CC Program Management Team on a case-by-case basis:

  • A private or public warning or rebuke;
  • A temporary suspension from the program;
  • A removal from the program.

Once again: if there is an issue, let’s try to work it out by talking first.

In case of serious violation of EULA, Terms of Service or Clan rules, we reserve the right to enforce the measures above, in addition to the standard measures applied to all players.

Thank you for your time! If you have any questions, please address them to the respective forum thread:

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