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Weekly Missions: Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands

General News
Set sail to earn containers, Credits, and Camo!

Clan Battles: Season 1 Imminent!

General News
Clan you feel it coming? Season 1 of Clan Battles begins soon, get the low-down after the jump!

Weekend Special: Hidden Dragons

General News
Smite your enemies with almighty firepower, and add some ferocious dragons to your port in our weekend special!

Wargaming Store: Battle in our best sellers

General News
Make sure to bag this great offer while you can, Captains!

Halloween Event Part I: Save Transylvania!

General News
Rasputin lives! A fan favourite mode returns from the dead as we kick off World of Warships' Halloween festivities!

Weekly Missions: Battle of Cape Passero

General News
Take to the seas to earn containers, Credits, and Camo!

Halloween: The Story of a Brave King

General News
Evil never sleeps and is only waiting for an opportunity to return to our world! Are you ready for new battles?

Wargaming Store: Fight the cold with the Navigator bundle

General News
Get the Navigator t-shirt free when you buy the longsleeve and the new hoodie!

Weekly Missions: Battle of Cape Esperance

General News
Time to stock up on Credits and Battle Hardened Camos, Captains!

Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Mission Marathon!

General News
A revolutionary marathon is coming, with the new Soviet Tier V Battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya up for grabs!

October event calendar

General News
Time to get your costume ready—Halloween is coming!

Wargaming Store: Double your loot: 100€ value for only 50€

General News
What’s in the bag?! Grab a groundbreaking bargain from the Wargaming Store’s Mystery Bags!

Clan Battles coming soon!

General News
We are happy to announce the First Season of Clan Battles that will kick off together with the release of Update 0.6.12

Get your Mecha fix with Battleship Kii!

General News
World of Warships is taking on a new endeavour—the very first Artist Signature Design created in collaboration with renowned Manga artist Makoto Kobayashi!

Wargaming Store: Wargaming Stories are back!

General News
Have a look at the lovely people who work with some of your favourite games modelling new Wargaming Store gear!

Clan Supply Missions: Collect Oil

General News
Time to stock up on oil to build your clan base, Captains!

Weekly Missions: Operation Halberd

General News
Time to dish out the damage to enemy Cruisers and Battleships!

Reign supreme with Clan Bases!

General News
Clan features are coming to World of Warships!