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Kick Off The Year With 10% Off

General News
New year, new discounts. Enjoy 10% off your orders from the Wargaming Store with this special offer!

The Hunt For Graf Spee

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Complete Missions. Get Graf Spee. Have fun. It's that simple!

New Commander Skills Guide

General News
Interested in learning more about how the new Commander Skills will affect the game? Then check out our handy guide!

Soviet Destroyer Sub-branch Coming Soon!

General News
Find out about the new Soviet Destroyer sub-branch and the changes being made to the tree!

End of Year Marathon

General News
The End of Year Marathon will soon start and there are plenty of fresh achievements for you to earn! The twist is that we're not going to tell you how to unlock...

[Update] Santas Wanted!

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A jolly man offering mysterious packages? Sounds about right!

Update: Santa’s Christmas Convoys

General News
Breaking News: Europe to join the Admiral Graf Spee Convoy in January

End of Year Activities - Gift and Be Rewarded!

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The year is almost over, but we've got some special things for you: two marathon events. Santa is missing, but we're giving you an opportunity to fill his role!...

Spotlight: WG Fest

General News
As many of you already know, Wargaming Fest is currently under way. World of Warships is briefly taking to the spotlight to let you know what our future plans!

15% Off All World Of Warships Italeri Model Kits

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Christmas is a time for giving, so we're offering you 15% off the entire World of Warships Italeri Model Kit range.

Follow us at the WargamingFest!

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The very first WargamingFest is going to take place in Moscow on 17 December 2016. It is a family friendly festival bringing together all Wargaming games under ...

German Destroyers On The Horizon!

General News
There might be only days before we see out 2016 but that doesn't mean we can't give you an extra special gift for New Year's, does it? How does a brand new bran...

The Holidays Have Arrived

General News
The festive season is here, and it's a time for giving. Get them something they REALLY want... the Wargaming Store has everything for budding captains.

Mighty Mo Has Arrived!

General News
Remember when we told you to stock up on Free XP? Well, now is the time to use it!

Arpeggio Missions Come To A Close

General News
From January 1st 2017, Arpeggio missions will no longer be available. You have been warned!

Wallpaper for December

General News
The end of the year is nigh, but don't fear, we have one last wallpaper for 2016!

Missions Are A-Changing!

General News
For December, say goodbye to Boot Camp, we've got some extra special missions coming in its place!

Epic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Black Friday is here and Cyber Monday is coming. It can only mean one thing: deals, Deals, DEALS!