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Wargaming Store: Sun, Sea and Warships!

General News
Get yourself beach-ready with stylish summer World of Warships accessories from the Wargaming Store!

Weekly Missions: Battle of the Espero Convoy

General News
What happens when three Italian destroyers sent to Tobruk run into five British cruisers?

[ROUND 2] Public Test 0.6.7

General News
Ranked battles, a new map, and more!

Wargaming Store: New Arrival in the Store!

General News
Check out the newest addition to the Wargaming Store – the Inside Logo Print T-Shirt!

Weekly Missions: Operation Vigorous

General News
Try earn some more Battle hardened camos with this week's set of missions!

Operations coming to World of Warships

General News
Operations will see a team of players take on the AI in a variety of scenarios!

Wargaming Store: World Oceans Day Savings!

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Blue yourself! Get discounts on blue apparel in the Wargaming Store in celebration of World Oceans Day!

Weekly Missions: Operation Juno

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Check out what's in store this week!

Remembering Dunkirk together with Wargaming

General News
Wargaming and Warner Bros. have partnered in support of Christopher Nolan’s epic action thriller “Dunkirk”.

June Event Calendar

General News
June is here and with it comes the sun and some sizzling events for World of Warships!

Wargaming Store: Weekend Deals!

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Pick up Kraken and Bismarck merchandise for a limited time in this week's deals on the Wargaming Store!

Public Test 0.6.6—Stage 2!

General News
A new game type—Scenarios—audio improvements and more!

Wargaming Store: Bismarck Bag, Anyone?

General News
Take your Hunt for Bismarck to the next level with new bags in the Wargaming Store!

History Special—The battle of Dunkirk

General News
Caught off-guard and facing the onslaught of the Blitzkrieg—the evacuation of Dunkirk is a legendary moment in British history!

Update 0.6.6 technical Test—starting May 23 @ 18:30 CEST!

General News
We are having a second iteration of the Update 0.6.6 Technical test from May 23 @ 18:30 CEST to May 24 12:00 CEST (UTC+2)!

Wargaming Store: Save on WG Staff Favourites!

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Take a look and get discounts on Wargaming staff picks from the Store.

Weekly Missions: Bombardment of Ancona

General News
Check out what missions are in store!

Wargaming Store: Bismarck Quest

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It's Bismarck Month at the Wargaming Store and we have a unique opportunity to celebrate!