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Wargaming Store: Get a Free Book With Your Festive Shopping!

General News
Get The Royal Navy: 100 Years of Maritime Warfare in the Modern Age from Carlton Books for FREE when you spend over €75 on World of Warships products!

How To: Campaign Missions

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Did you know there are currently 213 individual tasks that are waiting to be completed, each with their own rewards? How many have you completed?

A Tour of Hamburg: New In-Game Port!

General News
We are taking a tour of the latest port coming to World of Warships in patch 0.6.15, The Port of Hamburg!

Forum Update

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The World of Warships forum has risen from the ashes after its latest update. See inside for more details on its improvements.

Season 2 Scenarios: Operation Narai

General News
A new Operation is coming to the game very soon! Let's take a closer look at some of the objectives and rewards in store for you.

Dasha Presents Update

General News
Pan-Asian destroyer branch, deepwater torpedoes, new operation "The Final Frontier", changes to U.S. carriers, and more!

Battle of the North Cape Collection

General News
Here is a first look at the collectables up for grabs in the new “Battle of North Cape” Campaign!

Mod Policy: 3-Strike Rule

General News
See inside for our unified policy concerning the use of modifications in World of Warships.

Weekly Missions: Battle of the River Plate & Graf Spee Bundles

General News
It's the anniversary of the Battle of the River Plate - one of the last broadside battles in history. See inside for a mission recap and Admiral Graf Spee bundl...

Wargaming Store: Festive Sweaters + Holiday Gifts!

General News
There’s not long left to get Christmas gifts before the holidays, so head to the Wargaming Store and finish off your gift shopping!

Story of Scharnhorst

General News
We're bringing the last big-gun battle of WWII between British and German battleships to life with the illustrated Story of Scharnhorst.

Competition: The Naval Tour

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Want a free trip to New York, London or other fantastic prizes? Play World of Warships now and enter the competition!

December Mission Briefing

General News
Here's a sneak peak showcasing (some of) the upcoming missions this December.

Pan-Asian Destroyers Overview

General News
More information about the Pan-Asian Destroyers, from a brief history to armament layout...

Wargaming Store: Cyber Monday – Get Premium Time FREE!

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Order from the Wargaming Store today to get a free in-game promo code for 7 days of Premium Account – but act fast!

Happy anniversary, Błyskawica!

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It is 80, and doesn't look its age. Let's congratulate ORP Błyskawica on its service anniversary.

Wargaming Store: Epic Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deals!

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Save up to 66% when you buy from the Wargaming Store from Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

World of Warships Mod Policy

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We have updated our mod policy. Don't get caught out!