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Weekly Discounts and Missions

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See inside for the latest discounts and missions kicking off this week!

Space Battles Are Coming Soon!

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Reports coming in: star fleet is ready to launch and the unique commanders have received their final orders. Set your phasers to citadel!

Dasha's YouTube Competition II: Results

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The time has come! Are you one of the lucky 30 winners? Watch the video to find out!

Work in Progress: Battle in Antarctica

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Introducing the newest Scenario - Operation Highjump, featuring 100% historically accurate gravity defying flying saucers!

Work in Progress: Archimedes Death Ray

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Find out more about the Work in progress as the Death Ray makes its way to World of Warships!

Work in Progress: The Sealand Port

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Introducing the new historical Port: Principality of Sealand!

Work in Progress: Combat Dolphins

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2018 - Year of the Dolphin Carrier! See inside for more details on the long-awaited Delfino Delphis underwater vehicle.

Backstage: French Battleships

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Take a look at this video featuring the backstage of our video for the French battleships!

Total War Arena: Open Beta Test

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Become a hero, lead an army, and explore history. Download Total War Arena today - the latest free-to-play game from Wargaming.

Purrfect channel is here! Subscribe right meow!

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We are happy to announce that we are launching a global YouTube Channel for you!

Vive La France - Part 2

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In Update 0.7.2, we've continued to develop the French ships and we’re pleased to introduce a New Campaign and Operation.

Community Competition - Design A Patch

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Want to see your work in the game? Time to get creative and crack out the crayons in the latest competition! See inside for more details.

March Mission Briefing

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Peek into March's upcoming missions - loads more to be announced throughout this month!

Dasha's New YouTube Competition: Results

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The time has come: see if you are among the lucky winners!

Wargaming Store: FREE In-Game Kii Rental With Our Japanese Collection!

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Test drive the unbridled power of a mighty Japanese battleship in-game when you buy from our Japanese Collection at the Wargaming Store!

Invite Friends and Win Four Premium Ships!

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Recruit the most players by 18th February and win four tier VII Premiums ships!

Love Cats Comic

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See inside for the love story of the century - the romantic tale of a sheltered uptown feline and a streetwise port cat.

Season 8 Results

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Check out the results from Season 8 of Ranked Battles.