Arpeggio of Blue Steel -ARS NOVA- invading World of Warships!

General News
124,237 is proud to present a partnership with the creators of Japanese anime series Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-: a military science fiction story which sees famous ships of the 20th Century recreated with a futuristic flair. Graviton particle cannons, corrosive warhead torpedoes and lasers, all mounted on legendary vessels such as Kongo, Takao or the mighty Yamato battleship.*

Starting very soon indeed, you will be able to complete special missions in the game, which will open your way to some of these special vessels and their unique commanders from the popular anime series. *Of course, none of the advanced weaponry will be available in the game, in case you were gleefully rubbing your hands in anticipation of total dominance!

We believe that the integration of cool looking ships and interesting commanders with their own voices will no doubt spice up the World of Warships experience for a lot of “Arpeggio” fans among you. And we know you are there, no point in cowering in the back alleys of our forums!

For others, we hope that you will appreciate the new visual style and a brand new port that comes with it. If not, you will have the option to completely disable this mode and keep your experience pure. The choice is yours…

We are looking forward to announce more on this topic as we are getting close to unleashing the "Fleet of Fog" in the following weeks…


Rock on!