Closed Beta Ahoy!

General News

Floating out is an important milestone in a modern ship’s life, when she leaves dry land and becomes waterborne for the first time, being pulled out by tugboats to a berth where the construction continues. 

Without going to deep into this romantic analogy, this applies to World of Warships too. We are happy to say that Closed Beta testing is about to start and you have a unique chance to be part of it!

How to get in?

To get an opportunity to access the Closed Beta play testing, click on the link below which is going to ship you to our access form. Once you have filled it out, cross your fingers and count your blessings. If you get access to the Closed Beta, we will let you know.


We hope you enjoy your time spent in Closed Beta testing and we are eagerly expecting to hear your feedback in the forums.

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