Soviet Destroyers: Fast and Furious

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Cowering in the back is not really their thing, they like to get to the front lines and hit hard. Introducing the Soviet destroyers. Few ships of the same class, that are present in the game, can compare with the speed and artillery power that these vessels bring to the table.

On 19 October, you will be able to get your hands on them and test their mettle against the other fleets of World of Warships, including the new line of German cruisers.

What are the Soviet destroyers going to play like and how will they compare to their peers flying American and Japanese flags? Today, we are lifting the lid and revealing the entire tech-tree, starting with the 1915 project Storozhevoi-class destroyer at Tier II.

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Next time, we will be giving the same treatment to the upcoming German cruisers, so as always, stay the course and keep your eyes firmly on the horizon.

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