Halloween Part II: The Portal Has Opened!

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"Even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer."

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Transylvania and her escorts escaped the Realm of Darkness, but Dark Forces have followed them home! Fight off waves of sinister ships and planes, while buying precious time for the arcane towers to complete their ritual and seal the Portal for good!

Will the Realm of Light survive?

Getting Started | Tasks and Rewards

Part II: A Sunray In The Darkness
Starts with Update
Ends with Update 0.6.13

Part II: A Sunray In The Darkness

The 'A Sunray In The Darkness' Halloween event will be available from the implementation of Update, until the implementation of Update 0.6.13.

Part II of our hotly anticipated Halloween 2017 event, puts you at the helm of one of four new vessels as you defend three arcane towers from encroaching forces and the Filth, a dark cloud of corrupted magic that pours from the Portal. Although the Filth regenerates enemy ships from the Realm of Darkness, entering the Filth yourself inflicts damage over time. The longer the battle, the more the Filth spreads. Destruction of an arcane tower prolongs the time it takes for the Portal to close. Defending the towers should be your top priority!

Enemy Forces

Rasputin returns with her Zikasa hordes, but this time, they’re not alone! The dreaded aircraft carrier Great Gorgon joins the assault with her legion of Ghoul destroyers, Scarab cruisers, and Varg battleships! 

  • Rasputin
  • Great Gorgon
  • Zikasa
  • Ghoul
  • Scarab
  • Varg
  • Rasputin


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Imperator Nikolai I

    The dreaded battleship continues her relentless pursuit of Transylvania!

  • Great Gorgon

    Great Gorgon

    Closest Earth Counterpart: Zuikaku

    The skies turn black with Great Gorgon's swarms of stitch-winged bat constructs!

  • Zikasa


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Mikasa

    Zikasas represent the expendable swarms of Rasputin's fleet. They overwhelm with sheer numbers rather than individual firepower!

  • Ghoul


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Benson

    These cursed destroyers comprise Great Gorgon's advance strikeforce, using the cover of the Filth to launch devastating assaults.

  • Scarab


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Charles Martel

    An ancient evil animates these ancient ruins and keeps them afloat.

  • Varg


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Bismarck

    Legend says that Varg vessels are reanimated from the bones of eldritch leviathans from the deep. These battleships provide the heavy firepower for Great Gorgon's fleet.

New Allies

Luckily, you’ve got new allies on your side too! Choose from the destroyer Urashima, cruiser Svyatozar, battleship Magnu-S, or carrier Nobilium. Each vessel rocks otherworldly skills unseen outside of the Realm of Light, and comes with a special 19-point Commander. 

  • Urashima
  • Svyatozar
  • Magnu-S
  • Nobilium
  • Urashima


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Kagero

    Unique Consumables

    Anti-Guidance System: Temporarily prevents enemy vessels from firing at user.

    Filthy Engine Boost: Temporarily increases engine speed and repairs HP while in the Filth. The increment repaired increases depending on damage dealt while Boost is active.

    Steam Torpedo Rammer: Provides a momentary increase to torpedo reload time.

  • Svyatozar


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Chapayev

    Unique Consumables

    Surveillance Radar III: Provides a temporary boost to detection range of enemy ships, including those inside the Filth.

    Inversion Charge: Temporarily increases reload speed of main guns while also repairing a portion of HP based on damage dealt. The increment repaired increases depending on damage dealt while Boost is active.

  • Magnu-S


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Tirpitz

    Unique Consumables

    Energy Shield: Provides temporary invulnerability to all damage except gradual damage from the Filth.

    Repair Zone: Creates a temporary zone around the user, partially repairing HP of all allied ships inside. The more ships in the radius, the more HP repaired. The radius expands depends on the amount of damage user deals while Repair Zone is active.

  • Nobilium


    Closest Earth Counterpart: Lexington

    Unique Consumables

    Shining: The user and all allies are repaired 1,000 HP over five seconds. The amount repaired increases depending on damage dealt while Boost is active.

    Eclipse: All enemy ships are temporarily disabled, including weaponry.

These vessels will be available throughout the Operation’s duration. Once the Operation rotates out, the ships will be removed, and all acquired XP will be transferred to the cruiser Orlan.

The Operation has limits on the maximum number of each ship class a team can have:

  • Urashima: 3
  • Svyatozar: 4
  • Magnu-S: 3
  • Nobilium: 1


  • Playing your ship like a normal vessel is a quick way to lose. The ships’ unique consumables drastically shake up normal World of Warships tactics, and are key to your survival! 
  • As the Filth spreads, smaller portals might open up behind you or at your flanks. Make sure someone on your team is keeping an eye out!
  • Keep close to Magnu-S on your team. She can activate a repair radius to restore your HP! 
  • Urashima might need to get in close to land a good torpedo hit. Use “Filthy Engine Boost” to charge into the Filth and get repaired while doing it.
  • Nobilium’s planes are as vital for spotting enemies hiding in the Filth as they are dealing damage.

Tasks and Rewards

Primary Task

  • Defend the towers until they seal the Portal. 

Secondary Tasks

  • Complete the Operation with at least two towers standing
  • Destroy Rasputin
  • Destroy Great Gorgon
  • Destroy all enemies inside the Filth
  • Save Transylvania

You get a special 🎃 Halloween Pumpkin Containers 🎃 for each Star  you get in the Operation!

What's inside? You've got a chance of scoring one of the following:

  • 15 x "Halloween" camo 
  • 15 x "Halloween 2016" camo 
  • 20,000 Free XP 
  • 1,500,000 Credits 
  • 75 x Sierra Mike Signals 
  • 75 x India Delta Signals 
  • 75 x India X-Ray Signals 
  • 15 x Storm Wind Camo 
  • 15 x Blue Lagoon Camo 
  • A rare Halloween permanent Camo! 

About that last one...

New Permanent Camouflage

For those who gaze upon our Halloween Scenario ships and long to have them in their ports, these camos are for you! Each permanent camouflage modifies certain ships.

Destroyer Wakatake: Blade

Battleship Nassau: Jackal

Cruiser St. Louis: Igor

Destroyer Kagero: Urashima

Cruiser Chapayev: Svyatozar

Battleship Tirpitz: Magnu-S

Carrier Lexington: Nobilium

Destroyer Benson: Ghoul

Cruiser Charles Martel: Scarab

Battleship Bismarck: Varg

  Carrier Shokaku: Great Gorgon

All these can be found in Halloween Pumpkin Containers. Each one grants the same bonuses as other permanent camouflage for the respective ship! If you're the proud owner of Imperator Nikolai I, you can scoop up Rasputin permanent camouflage for 4,000 

If you pull a permanent Halloween camo you already own, the Container will randomly select another permanent Halloween camo. If you already own all permanent Halloween camos, you'll get a payout of 2,500  to 5,000  instead!

How Do I Access Halloween Scenarios? As long as you're Account Level 8 or higher, simply select one of the "Scenarios" from the drop-down menu next to the "BATTLE!" button. If you're waiting a while to hop into battle, select a different ship class or form an Extended Division with friends.

You can also hop into the mode by selecting one of the special Halloween ships in your port.

Note: After Update, Part 1 of the Halloween event, Saving Transylvania, will only be accessible via Extended Divisions.

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