The Hunt For Graf Spee

General News

The event is now over—thank you for participating. We would be very interested in hearing your feedback about how it went!

Complete Missions. Get Graf Spee. Have fun. It's that simple!

Starting on 23 December, we're setting you missions that will reward you with a grand prize (among other things), the newest addition to the Premium ship line-up, the Tier VI German Cruiser, Admiral Graf Spee! This will follow the Campaign mechanics and the four missions will be staggered over a few weeks so you will have to wait a little for the next mission to unlock, if you complete the missions straight away!

The Hunt For Graf Spee starts on 23 December and the Campaign finishes on 19 January 2017! Note: Tasks to earn Stars can be completed numerous times but the grand prizes are only given once. 

Alongside the grand prize, you will be able to earn:

  • Free XP
  • Signal Flags
  • Credits

You will have to collect a certain amount of Stars to complete the missions and you must be in a Tier V+ ship playing in Random, Cooperative, Ranked and Team Battles.

The End of Year Permanent Camouflages for Leander, Farragut, Fuso, Bayern and Budyonny are available for purchase directly through the tech tree.

And don't forget,Graf Spee will be available in the Premium Shop for the duration of the "The Hunt For Graf Spee"! You can see all the missions in the game client so prepare yourself for the upcoming carnage.

Action Stations!