Setting the Course for Open Beta

General News
We are setting the course for Open Beta – full speed ahead! Whether you have stayed with us through Closed Beta testing or are just thinking about getting on board, we have the good news and info for you right here, right now.


Not so fast, sailors! The public test of the upcoming update codenamed 0.4.0 (we have a knack for names) just ended. This means that all the new exciting features you´ve had the chance to test will be implemented to the game in the following days.

With the deployment of the update, your game progress will be wiped as previously stated, meaning your ships and even stats on your profile will be taken away or reset to zero respectively. We are wiping it all, so once the Open Beta begins, everybody starts on an equal footing. But that doesn´t mean you will not be getting something in return, based on your participation in the Closed Beta testing.

What are you getting?

USS Arkansas (pictured above)

A Tier IV US battleship with a unique camouflage for those who have participated in at least 50 battles.

Account level – based on the number of battles played

  • Level 2: 5 battles played
  • Level 3: 10 battles played
  • Level 4: 20 battles played
  • Level 5: 35 battles played
  • Level 6: 49+ battles played

Flags – based on the number of battles played compared to other players

  • Top 1% of players: 40 flags (of each type)
  • Next top 10%: 20 flags
  • Next top 30%: 10 flags
  • The remaining 59%: 2 flags

The signal flags will become visible only after unlocking Account Level 7.

Commander(s) – based on the number of battles played compared to other players

  • Top 1% of players: 9 skill points (commanders on Tier I ships)
  • Next top 10%: 7 skill points
  • Next top 30%: 5 skill points
  • The remaining 59%: 3 skill points


The cut-off date and time for playing battles in order to get the specified rewards is June 23 at 23:59 CEST.

Last call: Pre-order ships!

As forewarned, the premium vessels that have been anchored in our premium shop for quite some time now are being towed away. This is your last chance to grab these exclusive warships before they are removed from the shop, not to be seen again for the foreseeable future.

Pre-order ships Yubari, Gremyashchy and Sims are being removed from the Premium shop on June 24 at 23:59 CEST. They will not be available for purchase after this date.

Starting with Open Beta, you will be able to reap the benefits of having a premium account shared among all 3 “World of…” titles.

That is enough information for one article. Keep an eye out for more details about the Open Beta testing in the upcoming days.


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