Festive New York: July 4

General News

The American arc could not ignore the most American Port in the game. In Update 0.7.6, the crystal-clear sky of the New York Port has been replaced with its nighttime version to correspond with the Cherry Blossom night operation and celebrate the 4th of July.

Lit by city lights and fireworks, the Port features icons of the two arc updates: a star with a cruiser that represents the division of the U.S. cruiser branch, and a flashing star that resembles a signal bomb. Besides this, we have introduced several interesting objects in addition to the current landmarks like the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the USS Akron zeppelin floating in the sky.

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However, there is no celebration without the main characters, right? When in the Port, you will meet Des Moines, Buffalo, and the light cruiser Dallas introduced in this update.

Train Ferry

There are many railroad bridges over the Hudson River, thus it was easier to use special car floats to tow train cars across the river than make a detour over the bridges. Such ferries are rather unique for New York, such a means of transportation was quite popular in the U.S.A. and Canada. The largest rail ferry link provided transportation from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to San-Francisco.

Steam Tugboat Hercules

Hercules is a steam tugboat built in 1907. At first, Hercules was an oceangoing tug, but was later used as a tugboat for shuttling railroad car floats across the San Francisco Bay. She became famous in 1947 when, together with tugboat Monarch, she towed battleship Oklahoma to San Francisco to be scrapped. The ships were struck by a storm and the battleship sank. Eventually, Hercules returned to towing railroad car floats until 1957. Currently, the tugboat is exhibited as a museum ship at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

Yacht Carnegie

The famous magnetic research vessel Carnegie was put afloat in 1909. The ship was named after Andrew Carnegie who was a steel industry magnate and philanthropist and donated a lot of money to scientific developments. The yacht was made almost entirely of wood and other non-magnetic materials: the Carnegie Institution's Department of Terrestrial Magnetism located in Washington used the yacht to take magnetic measurements in different locations across the ocean. Scientists acquired a lot of magnetic data, which allowed for better understanding the Earth's magnetic field. During its years of service, the yacht covered over 500,000 kilometers. Unfortunately, she has not survived until today: in 1929, in the port of Apia, Samoa, while the ship was being refueled, there was an explosion. Carnegie burnt within a few hours.

Passenger Aircraft Boeing 314

If you hear the noise of a propeller, the Boeing 314 Clipper flying boat is approaching. A total of 12 Clippers were built for transatlantic airlines from 1938 through 1941. Moreover, the Boeing 314 was the first aircraft to carry an acting president of the U.S.A.: Franklin Roosevelt traveled on board of this aircraft to Casablanca, Morocco to participate in the secret negotiations with the U.K. prime minister and members of the Combined Chiefs of Staff.

What else have you noticed in the Port?

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