Premium Spotlight: Gremyashchy - Smoke and Daggers

General News

Nicknamed “Grem” or “Greg” by the community, the Tier V Soviet Premium destroyer is the third ship under the Red Star banner in the game and a first-class saboteur on the battlefield. 

Sneak up on a battleship undetected, hit it with torpedoes, and disappear before it has the chance to aim its primary guns at you. Excellent manoeuvrability and smoke screens allow the destroyer to quickly evade enemy fire, while 130 mm guns may surprise even opposing cruisers. 

This ship is currently available in the pre-order shop as part of the “Hit and Run” package and will be available until the end of the Closed Beta phase. Don’t snooze as it will remain exclusive for one year after the sale ends.

Interested in Gremyashchy? We thought so! Let´s break it down and see what makes this Tier V Soviet Premium destroyer so special. 

130mm guns

  • Biggest guns fitted to any destroyer in the game – This mean you can definitely outgun your peers and surprise opposing cruisers with you relatively big alpha damage and penetration of your AP rounds.
  • Long effective engagement range lets you outrange even Tier X US destroyer Gearing, in theory. You will have to cross your fingers and curl your toes to hope to hit on that kind of distance – but it is doable, and as we all know, everything is possible with Soviet technology!
  • Slower turn time of your turrets dictates the overall strategy while commanding this ship – keep your distance and snipe away! 


  • Relatively high engagement range of 8 km (while your detectability is at 7 km) gives you more options on the battlefield, but ambush close-quarters tactics (practiced mainly on the US destroyers) is still recommended given the slow speed of the torpedoes. 
  • Hit and run tactics work together with the general excellent manoeuvrability of the ship, sneaking around islands or hiding in the smoke cloud until the very last moment.



While the base characteristics of the ship are already quite good enough, it never hurts to tweak and customize the performance further with modernizations. Which upgrades should you invest into, in our humble (yet informed) opinion?

                           Main Battery Modification 1 

Since the guns are such a big selling point with this ship, let’s give it an extra protection from critical damage – or even magazine detonation... And when it does get hit, your repair crew will be put them back in action in a shorter time.

 Gun Fire Control System Modification 1

Your best chance of helping your team win the battle (and stay alive while you are at it) is to keep your distance and chip away (rather big) chunks of your opponents’ health. This upgrade will make sure your guns will hit rather than miss. 

Propulsion Modification 1

If you stand still, you are out of the game. Lower the chance of your engines getting crippled and speed up the repairs if it does happen by installing this upgrade. Keep moving, that’s what this is about.


Closing thoughts?

All in all, Gremyashchy walks a fine line between US and Japanese destroyers and should be a great training vessel for captains you would like to later assign to any other potential Soviet ships, as well as for honing your skills with other destroyers. It is very manoeuvrable and fast – in fact, at 38 knots it is one of the fastest ships in the game, which is a valuable feature in a fragile destroyer.

Given her characteristics, the best way to play this vessel is to snipe away from the distance with her big guns, then close the distance, fire your torpedo salvo, turn around and run away in a cloud of dust… we meant smoke. 

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