Clear for Action - Ranked Battles Season 5

General News

Avast, Captains! Season 5 of Ranked Battles is on the horizon. Prepare to earn stars, climb the ranks, and earn them bragging rights!

The Fifth Season of the popular Ranked Battles mode is starting on Saturday, October 1 at 08:00 CEST (UTC+2) and runs until Monday, November 14 at 06:30 CET (UTC+1).

Whether you have conquered all the previous Seasons, or you are just about to dive into the competitive waters of Ranked Battles for the first time, the rewards are as high as the challenge itself. 

The popular concept of Ranked Battles stays the same: battle the others in a special format of 7 versus 7 – but there are some tweaks when compared to Season 4...

The "Must Knows" About Season 5

  • Season 5 of Ranked Battles will see you earning progression Stars, climbing to the top through a total of 23 Ranks separated into 4 Leagues.

  • The first league (Ranks 23 - 16) will include only Tier VI ships – all other leagues will be Tier VIII.

  • Players are matched within their respective leagues to ensure that battles are as balanced as possible.

  • Like in the previous Seasons, the progression through the Ranks is influenced by your efforts on the battlefield as well as the efforts of your team. Win a game, get a Star – Lose a game, lose a Star.

  • However, your accolades will be appreciated, and you will not be dragged down by an inefficient team. Be the best in your team and keep your hard earned Star even for a lost game.

Tell Me More, Tell Me More, What Can I Stand To Win?

There's treasure a-plenty for you to win out on the high seas, including:

  • Signal Flags
  • Camouflages
  • Commemorative Flags
  • Credits
  • Doubloons
  • And, saving the best til last, Bragging Rights! 
There's also the ultimate reward, USS Flint: a modified Atlanta-class light cruiser for players that have conquered multiple Seasons of Ranked Battles! Also, you best thank your lucky stars that Rank 1 is safe for anyone who reaches it!

The flags awarded for reaching a certain League will also give out service fee discounts for your ships. These flags will be removed after the Season is over.
Second League 
First League 
Premiere League 

Prepared for the Super League?

If you're valiant enough to reach Rank 1, you will be able to make it to the Super League. Admission to the Super League comes with repeatable quests:

Prime Time will be between 18:00 CEST (UTC+2) and 23:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Mission: Super League Mission 1

  • Repeatable
  • Tier X only
Conditions - Over any amount of battles:
  • Play 1 Ranked Battle
Rewards - Once finished, you will receive:
  • +100% Credit Income

Mission: Super League Mission 2

  • Repeatable
  • Tier X only
Conditions - Over any amount of battles:
  • Win 1 Ranked Battle
Rewards - Once finished, you will get:
  • +200% XP

Anything else About Season 5?

  • For each Rank earned in Season 4, you get one Star in Season 5.
  • The safe Ranks, from which you cannot fall off, are: 22, 21, 20, 18, 15 and 12.
  • Each Rank requires a gain from 1 to 6 Stars.
  • When progressing down Ranks 22-11, you get 1 Star when you reach the next Rank. Starting from Rank 10, you start with 0 Stars on the particular Rank, making it easier to lose a Rank for a lost game.
  • Remember, however, that by being the best player from the losing team (by experience gained), you do not lose a Star.
  • The exact rewards for obtaining each rank and the precise number of stars can be found in-game within the Ranked Battles section!

That is it! Now you are ready to join Season 5 of Ranked Battles, progress through the Ladder, and earn yourself bounty and fame on the high seas of World of Warships.

Season 5 of Ranked Battles commences!

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