Russian and German ships incoming

General News

The German fleet was spotted in early August, but what is that on the horizon now? Is that the famous Tashkent? Aye! And it is leading the other Russian destroyers into the game. Are they going to clash against each other? Or are they going to go hand in hand against the other fleets? That’s the beauty of World of Warships – both scenarios are possible and you are in the centre of it! We are going to be revealing more information about these warships later down the line. In the meantime, focus your gaze on the trailer below…

Captains, the Russian destroyers will be steaming into World of Warships in October, along with the German cruisers.


Russian destroyers in a few words…

  • Fast as an arctic fox
  • Powerful as a Russian bear
  • Tough as an old Soviet boot

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