End of Year Activities - Gift and Be Rewarded!

General News

The year is almost over, but we've got some special things for you: two marathon events. Santa is missing, but we're giving you an opportunity to fill his role! Buy gifts for your friends from as little as 1!

Santa's Wanted

Our Santa's Wanted event has kicked off, where you can buy gifts for your friends from as little as €1. You now have the possibility of giving gifts to your in-game friends and yourself, but unlike last year, you are not able to give gifts to unknown players. More than one type of gift box is available this year, and the packages can be opened within the game client. Give gifts and spread Christmas cheer!


The Hunt For Graf Spee

Next up on your radar is the special marathon campaign, using the Campaign mechanic, which will reward you with a brand spanking new German warship, Graf Spee, for free. All you have to do is complete a set of time-limited missions and the 'Spee' will be yours for free!


End of Year Marathon

And if that wasn't enough, again the End of Year Marathon has started. We really are spoiling you, aren't we? For this marathon we have a selection of achievements available. Once a certain amount of players earn an achievement, it will turn gold –  this means all players will get an additional reward, so sail the open seas and get those 'cheevos'.


Keep an eye out for more information on all these events in the upcoming days!


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