Wargaming Store Contest: Design a T-Shirt


Design a cool t-shirt for our American cruiser captains and win the Premium US Cruiser Atlanta and a €250 gift pack from the Wargaming Store!

Attention, Captains! As we warm up for the upcoming changes to the American cruiser line, we're marking the occasion by letting loose our community's creativity!  

We are very excited to announce our Community t-shirt design competition! The aim of this contest is to create a US cruiser-themed design for the Wargaming Store.

Everyone is welcome to contribute with their skills, and don't be afraid to get creative! All the submissions will be viewed by the World of Warships team, and afterwards, there will be a public vote for you to decide a winner between the team's ten favourite designs.

Contest details:

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SUBMISSIONS OPEN: Thu Apr 12 00:01 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Thu Apr 12 00:01
SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: Sun Apr 29 23:59 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Sun Apr 29 23:59

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TOP 10 T-SHIRT DESIGNS ANNOUNCED: Fri May 04 18:00 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Fri May 04 18:00

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POPULAR VOTING STARTS: Sat May 05 00:01 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Sat May 05 00:01
POPULAR VOTING ENDS: Sun May 13 21:59 CET (UTC+1) / your local time: Sun May 13 21:59
  • When deciding on the 10 winners to advance to the voting phase, the World of Warships team will take the following into account: quality, originality and consistency with the World of Warships visual style, as well as with the theme of American cruisers.
  • The designs are only to be printed on the front of the t-shirt.
  • Participants should save all source materials to present to the World of Warships team if necessary.
  • The t-shirt will be produced this summer!


Submission details

  1. Designs are to be printed on the front.
  2. Dimensions should be 20-25cm x 30-35cm.
  3. You may choose the colour of the base shirt (solid colours only).
  4. Maximum of 6 colours for the design.
  5. Submissions should be in '.jpg', '.jpeg', or '.png' format. If working with graphics editors, participants should save their source files in '.psd' format (by layers) if the work is done in a raster graphics editor or '.eps', '.ai' if it is a vector editor. We may ask for those materials if needed.
  6. Participants may use basic assets, such as logos, provided here.
  7. A visual reference for design placement can be found here.


Terms and conditions

  1. The contest is only for EU servers.
  2. Participants may submit several designs, but only one design per submission.
  3. Submissions must be made exclusively for this contest at the time it is held.
  4. Your submission must not be based on any existing intellectual property not owned by Wargaming.net.
  5. All submission must conform to our game rules, terms of service, EULA and any other service usage agreement specified by Wargaming.net.
  6. The World of Warships team reserves the right to make decisions on every aspect of the contest, as well as to adapt and change the winning works as they see fit.
  7. Those participating in the contest agree to the full terms and conditions below:

Before participating, please read the full Terms and Conditions at the link below:


 Check out the Wargaming Store for inspiration!



  1. The winner of the contest will receive a €250 gift pack from the Wargaming Store, and the Premium US cruiser Here is the ship : usa : Atlanta 

  2. The top 10 participants chosen by the World of Warships team will receive a Premium US cruiser, depending on their ranking in votes:

    • Second and third place: Here is the ship : usa : Indianapolis 
    • Fourth and fifth place: Here is the ship : usa : Marblehead 
    • Sixth to tenth place: Here is the ship : usa : Albany  
  3. The top 5 participants will get a copy of the winning t-shirt design once the t-shirt has been produced.


Then get drawing! Once you've completed your design, hit the button below to submit!

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