gamescom 2016

Wargaming Community Party 2016 at the Roonburg

gamescom 2016
After the success of our past parties, we had the pleasant responsibility to throw another during gamescom 2016!

gamescom 2016: Thank You!

gamescom 2016
gamescom 2016 is officially over, but these moments will stay with us forever. We hope to see you next year!

What's On The Horizon for World of Warships? Devs Speak!

gamescom 2016
We talked to the devs at gamescom about German battleships and about what to expect next in World of Warships. There is a bright future ahead!

gamescom 2016: The Player's Perspective

gamescom 2016
We caught up with our passionate audience to ask them about their feelings and thoughts on the games at the show.

gamescom 2016: 5 Things to Love

gamescom 2016
The Wargaming show here in Cologne would be nothing without happy players. Here are five of the best things about gamescom that people absolutely love.

Ship Report: 1 Year Of Progress

gamescom 2016
It's been a year since our launch on the high seas, so it's high time we looked at where we were, where we are and where we are headed.

gamescom 2016 Q&A: World of Warships Edition

gamescom 2016
We have gathered as many of your questions as possible and had our development team look at them. Answers inbound!

gamescom 2016: The Drawing of the Loot

gamescom 2016
gamescom is not only about playing the latest and the greatest... It's an adventure to grab some exciting loot for you and your friends!

gamescom 2016: The Anatomy of the Booth

gamescom 2016
Throwing open the floodgates on Thursday let thousands of fans swarm the Wargaming Booth. So, did it withstand the pressure?

Community Activities at gamescom 2016

gamescom 2016
Coming to Gamescom 2016? So are we! The Wargaming Community staff will be hosting a wide range of activities at this year’s Gamescom, and we want you to join us...

gamescom 2016 – Stage Schedule and Dedicated Page

gamescom 2016
Find out when your favourite Wargaming titles are getting some air time with this handy stage schedule as well as a little more information on what to expect at...

gamescom 2016: A Very Handy Guide to Visiting Booths

gamescom 2016
Going to gamescom this year? In that case make sure you check out these insider tips that will help you manage the booths and queues like a pro!

Wargaming Community Party 2016

gamescom 2016
Come join us for our gamescom 2016 community party!

Wargaming at gamescom 2016

gamescom 2016
We'll be returning to the Koelnmesse for gamescom this year so make sure to come by!