Naval Academy

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Naval Academy: Shell Types

Naval Academy
There are two types of shells available in the game: armour-piercing and high-explosive. What are their characteristics and what advantages do they have? These ...

Naval Academy: Setting up your graphics

Naval Academy
Poor game performance might be a decisive factor between scoring a critical hit on an enemy and getting sunk. Set up your graphics settings properly with the la...

Naval Academy: Armour

Naval Academy
Damage mechanics and how they connect to armour, guns and general ship design are the main talking points in today's episode of Naval Academy. You will learn th...

Naval Academy: Battle Modes

Naval Academy
With the basics covered and ship classes reviewed in the previous episodes, it is time to dive deeper into what World of Warships offers. Today is all about the...

Naval Academy: Aircraft Carriers

Naval Academy
Aircraft carriers are a very specific class of ships, not only in their role on the battlefield, but also when it comes to their gameplay mechanics and user int...

Naval Academy: Destroyers

Naval Academy
Destroyers are the smallest and fastest vessels in the game, but their torpedoes can make a Swiss cheese out of anyone who does not pay attention, including the...

Naval Academy: Battleships

Naval Academy
It is time to talk about battleships - the strongest and biggest vessels in the game. But you know the saying: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Watch ...

Naval Academy: IJN Cruisers

Naval Academy
We continue to focus on the cruiser class in the Naval Academy series, this time on the vessels under the Japanese banner and how they differ from their US coun...

Naval Academy: US Cruisers

Naval Academy
In this edition of Naval Academy, we are focusing on this particular branch of the in-game tech tree, so if you have any questions on these American gunslinger...

Naval Academy: Dockyard

Naval Academy
In this episode we are looking at your dockyard - your home, your port. All tabs, functions and features are explained here, so if you are getting lost, this vi...

Naval Academy Round Up

Naval Academy
It is time to recap all that we have learned in the Naval Academy so far and dive straight into a brand new episode.

Naval Academy: Firepower

Naval Academy
Watch the next part of our helpful tutorial series!

Naval Academy: Navigation Course

Naval Academy
The Premiere Episode of Naval Academy is here to teach you the basics of controlling your ship, navigating the environment and making it back to the port in one...

Quick Start: Aircraft Carriers

Naval Academy
Aircraft Carriers are the game's stand-alone, multi-role ship, bringing RTS-style gameplay to the battle. As they are quite different from other ship classes in...

Quick Start: Gameplay

Naval Academy
In this handy guide you will find an overview of the gameplay mechanics, game modes, modernizations, commanders and their skills and how divisions work.

Quick Start: Game Controls

Naval Academy
This guide will give you a headstart on the most important and basic game controls such as commanding your ship, firing your guns and using a tactical map to pl...