Quick Start: Gameplay

Naval Academy

Battle Types

The following battle types are available for Co-op Battles and Random Battles.

In Co-op (PvE) battles, you and up to seven other players must fight against a team of enemy AI (computer operated bots). In Random Battle mode, two teams compete in pure player vs. player combat. Only Co-op Battles are available until you reach Account Level 2.

There is also an option to train your gunnery and tactics in the Training room.

Once you select your preferred battle type and ship, hit the big battle button to begin!

Standard Battle

Standard Battle pits two teams against each other in a race to capture the enemy team's base.

Bases are marked on the map with a flag icon and a circle indicating the area a ship must be in to start the capture timer. (Hint: The red flag is the enemy's base!) The capture timer will climb as long as at least one ship is within the capture area; the more ships within the area, the faster the timer moves. Taking damage resets the capture timer.

Standard battle can also be won by destroying all of the enemy ships--without ships, the enemy cannot capture your base!

Encounter Battle

In an Encounter Battle, both teams attempt to capture a neutral base. The battle lasts until all enemy ships are destroyed, or the neutral base is captured by either team.



To achieve victory in Domination mode, a team must reach 1 000 points, or destroy all enemy warships.

Up to five "capture areas" are randomly placed on the map; capturing an area adds +2 points to your team's score. Each area generates +2 points every four seconds it is held by a team. Destroying enemy ships will also earn points for your team, but each friendly ship destroyed takes points away!

Controlled areas and the number of points per team are displayed at the top of the screen. Remember your team has to reach 1000 points through any combination of destroying enemy ships and holding more control points than the enemy.


Whether you need to practice your gunnery on stationary targets or try out new formations with your friends, Training room is your friend. After selecting Training in the menu, you may then press "Battle" and you will land in a window offering you selection of already existing training rooms. If you want, you may try to join one by simply clicking on it.


Ship Experience, Credits, and the Tech Tree

When you begin World of Warships, you will have access to Tier I Cruisers for US and Japan. As you engage in battles, you will earn experience points (XP) and credits that you can spend to research and purchase upgrades for your ships, known as modules.

Modules increase the combat efficiency of your ship, unlocking stronger hulls, bigger guns, and advanced weapon control systems! As you upgrade your modules, you can progress to the next tier of even more powerful warships!

Warships and modules have two costs: a research cost, and a purchase cost. Research costs are paid using XP; XP is accrued per vessel as you use it in battle, and that XP can only be used to research modules for that ship, and to research the next vessel in the tech tree. Credits are used to pay the purchase cost for modules and ships, and can be used for any ship or module, regardless of which ship the credits were earned with.

The more battles you fight, the more XP and credits you earn! You can access different classes and more powerful warships as you progress through the tech tree.

You must unlock the previous ship and sometimes certain modules in order to access the next tier ship.

Account Leveling

A new feature in Wargaming titles currently exclusive to World of Warships, your Personal Account Level. Your account will 'level up' as you receive experience in battle. When you reach a new level, you unlock new game options and rewards!


You can earn additional reward during battle by completing special objectives. Check the Missions tab to find out what missions are available to you.

You may need to do a certain amount of damage or destroy enemy ships in order to earn your reward.

You can have up to three missions at one time but once you complete them you will need to wait some time for them to refresh.


Available from account level 6 onwards, Modernizations (lower left corner) allow you to customize your ship to a particular gameplay style and rig it with equipment that will make your floating vehicle of doom; even faster, stronger and better. You can access this feature by clicking through the MODULES tab in the port overview and then selecting one of the Modernization slots as displayed on the screenshot.

  •          The number of available slots on each ship depends on the tier and class – stacking up to a maximum of 6 slots.
  •          Each slot has its own unique set of Modernizations of which there are 27 in total.
  •          Some Modernizations greatly improve one characteristic, but downgrade another.
  •          Modernizations can be demounted for in-game Piasters.

A full list of Modernizations can be found here(Available only in English.)

Commanders and skills

We felt that not only your ships needed a certain level of customization, but your crewmen as well. The crew is represented by the commander which progresses along Levels of Development.

With each of the 20 available levels, the commander gets one point that can be spent on buying skills in different segments of the crew or part of the ship. 

These skills represent the quality of the commander’s work and make your ship stronger in 6 categories – Artillery, Secondary Armament, Ship Survivability, Concealment and Acquisition, Aircraft and Special Skills. This feature is available from account level 5. 

A full list of Commander Skills can be found here(Available only in English.)


Starting with update 0.2.3., you can now fight alongside your friends by creating a Division for up to 3 players. You can either create a division either by clicking at the “Enlist me in a Division” button or by inviting players through the “Looking for Division” interface. 

You can also join a Division by clicking on the “Looking to join a Division” button at the top of the Division interface if there are currently no players seeking a Division.

This will allow you to appear in the “Looking for Division” list of other players and find your Brothers-in-Arms rather quickly.

In addition to that, starting with version 0.2.4 and our new chat functionalities, you will be able to invite the friends from your friendslist to a division with just one simple click.