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Z-39 Bundles Incoming!

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The brand new German Tier VII Destroyer comes out of testing and hits the Premium Shop with some very alluring bundles. Find out more here!

Weekly Missions and Specials: Franz von Jütland

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Hood bundles, some unique permanent camouflage and an earnable legendary German captain. All that and more available this week. See inside for details!

Weekly Missions and Specials: Roma Returns

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See inside for this week's missions and Premium Shop offers, featuring the mighty Battleship Roma!

Duca degli Abruzzi Bundles Ahoy!

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The Mighty Italian Duke battles its way into World of Warships with its long-range torpedoes and ample consumables. Check it out here!

Weekly Missions and Specials: End of WWII

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To commemorate the anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe, we're offering some special offers and events to participate in. Take a look!

Battleships Beware: Asashio Bundles Are Here!

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Just in time for Ranked Battles Season 9, Tier VIII Japanese Destroyer Asashio sails into World of Warships, boasting a formidable set of deep-water torpedoes. ...

Premium Shop - May Offers

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May is on the way and new offers are here to stay... for a month!

Weekly Missions and Specials: Golden Week

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To celebrate the arrival of Golden Week to Japan, we're bringing you some special offers and missions that will gild your heart!

[LIMITED OFFER] Get Free Doubloons With Purchases

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Make the most of our special Premium Shop offer - get Doubloons back on purchases this weekend.

Weekly Missions and Specials: Ashitaka bundles

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See inside for the newest missions and Premium Shop specials launching this week!

Weekly Missions and Specials: Ranked Bundles

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Ranked ship bundles and space camos are in the Premium shop this week, as well as some fantastic XP bonuses to help you get ready for season 9!

Weekly Missions, Specials and Patches: Cat Commander

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This week we are brewing a purrfect mix of missions and specials!

Premium Shop - April Offers

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As March winds give way to April showers, why not shower your account with the newest goodies from the Premium Shop!

Weekly Missions, Specials and Camo: St. Patrick's Day

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At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold!

Weekly Missions, Specials and Camo: Pi Day

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3.14% of sailors are pi-rates. Be irrational, celebrate Pi Day!

Get Slick With Gascogne!

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Get a summary on the bundles available with this ultimate French battleship.

Weekly Missions and Specials

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Watch out for this weeks Missions and Specials, and take Gascogne's helm!

Premium Shop - March Offers

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March on this month with our Premium Shop offers and grab yourself a shipload of credits with our brand new package!