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Premium Shop Weekly: The Captain's Choice

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The weekly shipment of supplies is in, including the new Captain's Choice bundle!

Premium Shop: Welcome Mutsu

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The new Tier VI Japanese Battleship is here! As part of this, we have created three great bundles tailored to different price points.

All-Time Favourites in the Premium Shop

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The Premium Shop is a great place to find not only the essentials, but also special bundles created to cater to your needs.

Premium Shop Weekly

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Stock up on some much-needed supplies here in the Premium Shop!

Premium Shop: Australia Day

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Celebrate the national day of "Straya" with some great bundles on HMAS Perth! But be warned – the offers are available for 24 hours only!

Premium Shop Weekly: Featuring Oleg

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The Tier III Soviet Protected Cruiser Oleg and American Carrier USS Saipan are this week's specials.

Premium Shop Weekly: Featuring Błyskawica

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The Polish lightning from Tier VII is once again storming the Premium Shop. Bang!

Premium Shop: Offers for January

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The monthly Prem Shop offers are back – come have a look!

Premium Shop Weekly: Featuring Kamikaze and Smith

Premium Shop
Two rare Premium ships, two fantastic destroyers, the Japanese Kamikaze and the American USS Smith, are up for grabs in the Premium Shop. Don't wait until the l...

Happy New Year with Sims and Yubari!

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A destroyer and a cruiser. These two exclusive ships were available half a year ago, and now they are back once more! Add these gems to your warship collection ...

Winter Sales: Happy Holidays!

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The culmination of the December winter sales is here! On offer, you will find four fantastic Premium vessels: a mighty Germans trio and a regal Brit, as well as...

Introducing Admiral Graf Spee

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Admiral Graf Spee is proudly sailing into the Premium Shop!

Winter Sales: Featuring Scharnhorst & König Albert

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The Winter Sales onslaught continues! This time we are bringing you two Premium German Warships: the battleships Scharnhorst and SMS König Albert. Get them from...

Winter Sales: Featuring Prinz Eugen & Arizona

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The December winter sales are ongoing! This time we offer you the German prince of the seas, Prinz Eugen, and the legacy of American super-dreadnought battleshi...

Winter Sales: Featuring Dunkerque & Krasny Krym

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December is here so it's high time we started the winter sales. This time, instead of one featured vessel we have TWO! First in line comes the French battleship...

Premium Shop: Offers for December

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The monthly offers in the Premium Shop are coming in hot. Check them out, before they cool down!

Premium Shop Weekly: Featuring Scharnhorst

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The famed German battleship designed for raider operations and fighting cruisers, Scharnhorst is this week's ship of choice, together with three singled out bun...

Premium Shop Weekly: Featuring Indianapolis

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One of the last cruisers in the U.S. Navy to be subject to the Washington Naval Treaty, USS Indianapolis is this week's ship of choice together with three singl...