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Weekly Missions, Specials and Camo: St. Patrick's Day

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At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold!

Weekly Missions, Specials and Camo: Pi Day

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3.14% of sailors are pi-rates. Be irrational, celebrate Pi Day!

Get Slick With Gascogne!

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Get a summary on the bundles available with this ultimate French battleship.

Weekly Missions and Specials

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Watch out for this weeks Missions and Specials, and take Gascogne's helm!

Premium Shop - March Offers

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March on this month with our Premium Shop offers and grab yourself a shipload of credits with our brand new package!

Weekend Discounts and Missions - Lunar New Year Part 2!

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Continue celebrating the Lunar New Year this weekend with our Missions and Premium Shop Offers!

Weekly Discounts and Missions - Lunar New Year Deals!

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World of Warships is celebrating the Year of the Dog with a flurry of missions and special ship deals!

Delve into French Battleships

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The introduction of French battleships is great, but how should we play them?

Premium Shop - February Offers

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The new French line of battleships is fast approaching! Check out the new monthly Premium Shop offers for February and stock up on the essentials!

[EXTENDED] When In Roma: Special Edition Bundles

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The long-awaited Premium Tier VIII Italian Battleship is finally here! See inside of for Roma packages including the exclusive Makoto Kobayashi skin edition.

New Year Premium Sale!

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Check inside for our New Year Premium account deal, plus special signal flags and camo bundles!

Premium Shop - January Offers

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The first of the 2018 monthly Premium Shop offers are here! Discounted bundles inside.

Pan-Asia Rising: Huanghe Bundles & More

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The Huanghe Tier VI cruiser is making a splash in the Premium Shop this week, along with some old favourites.

More Doubloons with Amazon Pay!

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Get up to 15% more doubloons with this payment method for a short time.

Premium Shop - December Offers

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New monthly Premium Shop offers are here – just in time for Christmas!

Ashitaka: Special Edition Bundles

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Introducing the second of the Artist Signature Series featuring Mr.Makoto Kobayashi, the mech design maestro. See inside for more information!

Pay with PayPal and save big!

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Enjoy a huge doubloon bonus with this payment method.

Premium Shop - Happy Birthday Carl Sagan!

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We're celebrating what would have been the irreplaceable Carl Sagan's 83rd birthday this week with special SciFi camo packages.