De Grasse: Black, White and Spoilin' for a Fight

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It's got fast-firing, dual-purpose 152mm guns with good AP shells and a stunning black and white striped camouflage. This French beauty is coming to the game as a Tier VI French Cruiser. Get it while you can!

The following bundles will be available in the Premium Shop from 09 June at 07:00 CEST to 29 June at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

According to the draft design in 1938, the light cruiser De Grasse was developed from the La Galissonnière-class ships, and had their main advantages: heavy armour and good main battery guns. It had a distinctive Anti-Air armament, increased speed, and slightly reinforced torpedo tubes.


What's inside?

De Grasse — French Tier VI Cruiser
1 Port Slot
7,350 Doubloons
Main Armaments Modification 1
Aiming System Modification 1
Damage Control System Modification 1 
Steering Gears Modification 2
25 Damage Control Party II
25 Hydroacoustic Search Party II
25 Engine Boost II
25 Catapult Fighter II
200 Zulu Hotel Signals
200 Equal Speed Charlie London Signals
200 Sierra Mike Signals 
200 November Foxtrot Signals
De Grasse Memorial Flag!


What's inside?

De Grasse (French Tier VI Cruiser)
1 Port Slot
3,650 Doubloons
100 Equal Speed Charlie London Signal Flags
100 Zulu Hotel Signal Flags
100 November Foxtrot Signal Flags
100 Sierra Mike Signal Flags


What's inside?

De Grasse (French Tier VI Cruiser)
1 Port Slot

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