Wargaming Store: Free bonus code with your Bismarck gear!

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Looking to expand your 'Hunt for Bismarck' collection, get your hands on some sweet camo and look good in the process?

Visit the Wargaming Store and make it happen! For a limited time, with the purchase of over 30 € worth of gear, including at least one Bismarck-themed item, you will receive an exclusive in-game bonus code.


Act now and take advantage of the 10% discount on all gear in the Wargaming Store's Bismarck Collection!

Stocks are limited, so act quickly!


Upon redeeming the bonus code, you will get:

  • 4 Bismarck Collection Containers

  • 5 Hunter Camouflage

The bonus code will be delivered to you on a card together with your Wargaming Store order.