Public Test

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Public Test 0.7.7 Round 2

Public Test
Commanders, welcome to the Public Test of Update 0.7.7!

Developer Bulletin 0.7.7

Public Test
Update 0.7.7 is about to be released! Discover the new features of the update in the Developer Bulletin!

Public Test 0.7.6 Round 2

Public Test
You won't meet new US light cruisers here, but you will have a chance to complete operation "Cherry Blossom", check out the Arsenal, and prepare for the upcomin...

Developer Bulletin: Update 0.7.6

Public Test
The second update of the American frenzy is on the horizon and will be dedicated to the new split of U.S. light cruisers.

[Round 2] Public Test 0.7.5

Public Test
This update brings long-awaited changes to the US Cruiser line, a new permanent campaign, and gameplay improvements. See inside for a detailed overview.

[Round 2] Public Test 0.7.4

Public Test
A new Port, improvements to UI, matchmaking and ship detection. To top it all off a new season of Ranked Battles arrives. Check it all out in this month's Publi...

[Round 2] Public Test 0.7.3

Public Test
We need your feedback! Get early access to the brand new game mode - "Space Battles" - in celebration of April Fools' day, as well as other tweaks and fixes.

[Round 2] Public Test 0.7.2

Public Test
Try out the latest French Battleships, new Operation "Hermes", new Campaign "The Gold of France", plus loads more in 0.7.2.

[Round 2] Public Test 0.7.1 - New Reward!

Public Test
All things French in this Public Test - New Collection, a new unique Commander, new port Marseille! There is also a new map called Sleeping Giant. Take a look i...

[Round 2] Public Test 0.7.0

Public Test
New camera view in the Port, Training Room feature, distinctive insignia, and matchmaker improvements for Co-Op Battles.

[Round 2] Public Test 0.6.15

Public Test
We are pleased to present to you the Developer Bulletin for Update 0.6.15. Follow the links inside to dive into in the latest Public Test and earn special rewar...

[Round 2] Public Test 0.6.14

Public Test
We are pleased to present to you the Developer Bulletin for Update 0.6.14. Follow the links inside to dive into in the latest Public Test and earn special rewar...

[Round 2] Public Test 0.6.13

Public Test
We are pleased to present to you the Developer Bulletin for Update 0.6.13, which covers all the latest changes. Follow the links inside to dive into in the late...

[Round 2] Public Test 0.6.12

Public Test
Join the Public Test to try out Clan Battles, our brand new Halloween events, and more!

[Round 2] Public Test 0.6.11

Public Test
Naval bases for clans, smoke spotting changes, and more!

[Round 2] Public Test 0.6.10

Public Test
The British Battleship Lion, New effects, Sound and Interface changes, and more in our latest Public Test!

[Round 2] Public Test 0.6.9

Public Test
Test out the unique commander system and the Yamamato Campaign in our latest Public Test!

[Update] Public Test 0.6.8

Public Test
A new gaming event, Dunkirk, and more!

Public Test 0.6.5

Public Test
The Hunt for Bismarck campaign, collectible cards, and more!

Public Test 0.6.4 [Part 2]

Public Test
Map and weather changes, a new Premium Port and interface changes are being tested...

Public Test 0.6.3

Public Test
Changes to aircraft carrier controls, user interface modifications, and balance corrections are coming to the Public Test. Want to get involved in the testing a...

Public Test 0.6.2 Part 2

Public Test
Have a look at the developer bulletin for the Public Test of Update 0.6.2, and find out how to get involved!

Public Test 0.6.1

Public Test
Public Test 0.6.1 is here, Captains! Check out all the changes inside.

Public Test 0.6.0

Public Test
Public Test 0.6.0 is here, Captains! In it, a feature that most of you have been waiting for impatiently! Curious what is it? Join us in testing and find out fo...

Public Test 0.5.16

Public Test
This public test is going to be light and easy. However, the full version will bring you much more surprises! Join us in testing, and see what's coming with you...

Public Test 0.5.15 Brings Campaigns!

Public Test
The newest update sails into World of Warships with a totally new feature, codename - Campaigns; resurrects Dynamic Divisions, and more – join us in testing!

Public Test 0.5.14 Brings New Camouflages!

Public Test
The latest update approaches, bringing you a set of new camouflages for Tier X ships, UI improvements, a new anti-aliasing feature and more - let the testing be...