Game Updates

Update sighted!

Game Updates
We're getting ready for Saint Patrick's day with some changes to the New York Port, as well as some additional fixes—check them out now!

French Cruisers Coming Soon!

Game Updates
They're fast, French, and très chic—the new French Cruiser line is coming soon!

Update 0.6.2

Game Updates
The new Soviet Destroyer sub-branch is finally here along with two new maps and a host of other changes - find out more inside!

Update is here!

Game Updates
Short but sweet - we have added Saint Petersburg holiday decorations, and made some in-game fixes. Find out more inside!

Introducing Update 0.6.1

Game Updates
Check out new upgrades, inventory, the return of Ranked Battles, and more!

Update incoming!

Game Updates
After the monumental Update 0.6.0, we have a smaller set of refinements to bring to you. Check them out inside!

Update 0.6.0 is here!

Game Updates
New Commander Skills, changes to the Commander Skill Tree, Elite Commander XP, Clan features and much, much more. Find out more about what Update 0.6.0 has in s...

Developer Diaries: Plans for 2017

Game Updates
Cooperative missions, new ship branches, legendary captains and much, much more—find out what 2017 has in store for World of Warships!

Introducing Update 0.5.16

Game Updates
The latest update, 0.5.16, hits the high seas of World of Warships, bringing you a long-awaited branch of German destroyers, improvements to Bastion mode, a tot...

Introducing Update 0.5.15

Game Updates
Update 0.5.15 brings with it Campaigns evolved from Battle Missions, IJN reinforcements and Dynamic Divisions to name but a few new features...

Introducing Update 0.5.14

Game Updates
The newest update brings you UI improvements, a set of classy new camouflages, support for a new anti-aliasing system, and that's not all...

Introducing Update 0.5.13

Game Updates
The newest update brings you the first branch of the Royal Navy, "Cloudy" versions of fan-favourite maps, Containers, and that's not all...

Introducing Update 0.5.12

Game Updates
The newest update brings you improvements to the in-game economy, several game balance changes, a new map, and that's not all...

Introducing Update 0.5.11

Game Updates
The latest update reveals the secrets of your ship's armour and brings a brand new game mode. And that's not all, of course!

Introducing Update 0.5.10

Game Updates
The German battleship branch has finally arrived, along with new interface changes, improvements to how divisions work, the introduction of colour-blind mode, a...

Introducing Update 0.5.9

Game Updates
American battleships with remodelled armour, built-in voice chat for Divisions, improvements to the visibility system and much more in Update 0.5.9.

Introducing Update 0.5.8

Game Updates
The major July Update includes a brand new game mode Bastion, two new maps, overhauled matchmaking and plenty more.

Introducing Update 0.5.7

Game Updates
June's Update is bringing cyclones, as well as a hurricane of changes to the Upgrade system... and that's not all!