2nd Anniversary Event extended for a week! [UPDATED]

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Get ready to blow out the candles and grab a slice of cake, because World of Warships is turning two years old on 17 September! It's hard to believe that two years has already passed—two years of non-stop, pulse-pounding action on the high seas—and we want to thank you, the players, for being there every step of the way. But what would a birthday be without some presents? Get ready to light up the sky as we host a virtual fireworks show in the Warships team's home port of Saint Petersburg, and keep an eye out for special Easter eggs hidden throughout our maps for you to find.

That's not all we have in store! Celebrate the good times, and even remember the bad, as we present a special set of achievements and a new Collection focusing on the key moments in our second year of development!


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[UPDATE] Completion of Anniversary Achievements and Collection Items, as well as Container sales have been extended to 28 September!

Change of plans! Please note that there have been some changed to the birthday anniversary! The requirements to play one battle in any Tier I-IX ship from 14 September until 28 September has been changed to two battles and will now be available from 15 September!

The update happens September 14; preparation begins at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) until 08:30 CEST.


Special Achievements and a New Collection

Specifically for the purpose of the second anniversary, we've put together all the significant events that happened during this year and created a set of unique achievements and a new collection relating to them. Of course, these events triggered various emotions among both the developers and the players. Some caused very important game changes and proved to be a success from the very beginning, while others needed to be revised and reworked. It was a year that saw many changes to the game, including the introduction of the new economy, "Operations" mode, British cruisers, "The Hunt for Bismarck" Campaign, and several other updates that we are celebrating!



Collection Item

Not a Pyramid Scheme!
Earn 400,000+ Credits in a single Random Battle Economic Reforms
Fabulous Fuse
Deal 50,000 damage in a single Random Battle with main caliber guns in Emerald, Leander, Fiji, Edinburgh, Neptune and  Minotaur British Invasion
You’ve Got a Parcel Waiting for You!
Earn 1,500+ base XP in a single Random Battle Battle Day Delivery
Foes Way Past Their Prime 
Destroy 2+ enemy ships while in St. Louis, Wakatake or Nassau in a single Co-Op Battle The Struggle of Darkness and Light
Paint it Gold!
Earn 500,000+ Credits in a tier X ship in single Random Battle Golden Paint
Not By Torpedoes Alone
 Deal 15,000 main armament damage and 30,000 torpedo damage to enemies while in Minekaze, Hatsuharu, Shiratsuyu, or Akizuki in a single Random Battle Ninja'd!!
Will Now Have Stories
Win a single Random Battle in Shinonome  Mission Briefing
I Will Find You and I Will Sink You 
Destroy 1+ enemy destroyers while in T-22, Gaede, Maass, Z-23, Z-46, or Z-52 in a single Random Battle Hunting the Hunters
 Look Who We Have Here!
Deal 50,000 damage in a Random Battle in a Dragon ship, ARP ship, or Kongo, Myoko, or Atago
Ship Beauties
 Win a single Random Battle in Graf Spee, Tirpitz, Leander, Fuso, Bayern, Budyonny, or Farragut  Chime of Bells
 Skipper on Deck!
Earn 2,500+ Commander XP in a Random Battle  Winds of Change
Like a Pro
Win a Random Battle in any tier VII ship and earn 1,000+ base XP  I Smoke Wherever I Want
Rush C!
 Deal 30,000 main armament damage and 20,000 torpedo damage to enemies while in Ognevoi, Udaloi or Grozovoi in a single Random Battle  Need More DDs
Death by Baguette
Deal 35,000 main armament damage and 15,000 fire damage to enemies while in Emile Bertin, La Galissoniere, Algerie, Charles Martel, Saint-Louis, Henri IV in a single Random Battle   What’s Next? Engine Boosters for Battleships?
Before Zee Germans get there!
Play a Random Battle in Bismarck in which you earn more than 120% damage of your HP from four or more enemy ships and survive The Mighty Bismarck
Eat It, Toaster!
Destroy 2+ enemy ships in a tier V-VI ship in a single Co-Op Battle Revenge of the Bots
2 Years of World of Warships
Complete the Anniversary Collection! Collection Completion and Camo!


Reminisce about the recent updates together with us and earn hidden achievements in the rage of battle! By being smart and creative, you'll be able to find and earn the achievements in different battle types playing all types of ships of any tier. For each achievement you earn, you will receive an item from the new collection dedicated to a certain event. Complete the entire birthday collection by finding all the achievements!

Collection items can be earned only by fulfilling holiday achievements or via special Anniversary containers. An achievement can be earned several times per day, but the reward will be issued only for the first time you earn this achievement!

After you receive your first achievement or your first "World of Warships Anniversary" container, you'll get access to the collection dedicated to World of Warships' Birthday. The collection consists of 16 items related to various stages of project development that happened in 2016 and 2017 and is divided into four sub-collections.

The exchange rate of the collection duplicates is 2:1 (you can get 1 missing item by trading 2 duplicates). The amount of Credits you'll get for each duplicate after completing the entire collection is 15,000 per each duplicate.

For completing each of the four sub-collections, you'll be rewarded with a unique permanent camouflage that can be mounted on the following Tier VIII ships: Kiev, Charles Martel, Z-23, or New Orleans. For completing the entire Anniversary collection, you will receive an achievement, a flag, and a permanent camouflage that can be mounted on the British Battleship Monarch.

All camouflages have the same bonuses:

  • +50% to Commander XP earned
  • +50% to Free XP earned
  • -3% to the ship's detectability
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship


Special Saint Petersburg Port and Easter Eggs

In celebration of the 2nd anniversary, we decorated the Saint Petersburg Port. You will see festive fireworks, special illumination and much more! By the way, we've hidden several "Easter eggs" for you on some maps. Will you be patient enough to find them all? To make the Birthday Party even more fun, we've added festive images and messages to the loading windows, event notifications and battle results screen. We hope you'll like it!



What is a birthday without gifts? Never fear, we've got plenty of goodies for you to enjoy, so you won't be short a present or two:


  • Win 1 Random, Co-op or Scenario battle on any Tier IV+ from 15 September to 18 September and get 1 day of Premium Account and 25 World of Warships Anniversary consumable camouflages.
  • Play at least two battless on any Tier I-IX ship starting from 15 September till 28 September to get delicious bonuses on your account! All players who have played 1,000 or more battles in World of Warships will receive 10 World of Warships Anniversary consumable camouflages and 10 of each special signal flag (Blue Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra) for each thousand battles played in World of Warship, up to 150 items each.
  • There's still more to come! Play one battle with a Tier X ship and get a Supercontainer as a bonus. Supercontainer can be earned once per ship, however players can complete the task and earn the reward on each Tier X ship you have.


🎂 Happy birthday Warships! 🎂

As part of the birthday festivities, we will also have special Anniversary containers in the Premium Shop. Each container comes with a collection piece from the Anniversary collection and a set of Signal Flags and Camouflage (a set of 10 of a certain Camouflage and a set of 30 Signal Flags—"Lucky" packs will contain 25 Camouflage and 100 Signal Flags)!


[UPDATED] The following offers will be available in the Premium Shop from 14 September at 08:30 CEST until 28 September at 08:30 CEST (UTC+2)!

2nd Anniversary Containers - 1

2nd Anniversary Containers - 3



2nd Anniversary Containers - 10

2nd Anniversary Containers - 25



Can't wait to start collecting the gifts? Then don't miss the Special update and celebrate World of Warships' birthday together with us. Collection items, holiday achievements, decorations and presents will be available to players from the release of update update up to the next patch's release!



Birthday Stations!