[Updated] Dasha Presents Update 0.6.5

Game Updates

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0.6.5 Update Notes

The update happens May 18; preparation begins at 07:00 CEST until 09:00 CEST (UTC +2).


The Hunt for Bismarck | Collections and collection items |  User Interface | New Skins | Ship Appearance | New Content Other Changes | Balance Changes | Fixes

[UPDATE] The following changes have also been added:

  • We have improved the newcomers matchmaker on low tiers—for players whose account level is not higher than 8 and who participate in Tier I-III battles. In the event full teams are not available for some reason, bots will be symmetrically added to the battle until each team has 10 players.
  • Fixed the bug that caused long waiting times until battle starts for divisions that consisted of Mikasa battleships.
  • Improved the matchmaker balance. Now cases where one team has several same ships will be rarer.

The Hunt for Bismarck Campaign

The first historic campaign—The Hunt for Bismarck—will be added to the game with the release of version 0.6.5. Take part in one of the greatest naval operations in the North Atlantic, earn unique rewards, and decorate your ships with a new special camouflage that changes the exterior visual look of the ship, including the textures and geometry.

The campaign will take players back to May 1941 and will contain seven missions with eight tasks each describing the events that took place during this famous operation. Participate in Operation Rheinübung, avenge the destruction of the British battlecruiser HMS Hood, involve ships of different types in the battle against German raiders, and attack enemy ships with torpedo bombers. All this and more are waiting for you within the Hunt for Bismarck campaign—historical notes with detailed information on the legendary operation have also been added to the campaign for players' convenience.

For each completed task, players will receive a special container that will be available only for the duration of the campaign. Apart from collection items, special containers may contain unique signal flags and exclusive camouflages. Players who complete the entire campaign will be rewarded with the legendary Bismarck and a Port Slot. If Bismarck is already present in your port, you will receive an 11,000,000 Credit bonus to your account as well as a Port Slot. 

The Campaign is available for all players with service record level 8 or higher from 19 May and will finish on 8 June!

Read more about the campaign here.

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Collections and collection items

Collections and collection items are coming to the game! As part of update 0.6.5, players can receive collection items when opening special containers that can be awarded for completing campaigns or can be purchased in the Premium Shop. Once a collection is complete, a valuable prize is granted! Each collection contains an album that can be filled with collection items.

Collection items can be found inside the special containers.

All collection items drop with equal chances. An album for each collection is added to the account after a player receives the first item from the collection. The collection section becomes available in the Profile tab only after a player receives their first album. Collection items cannot be sold. If a player receives an item that is already available in their collection, it is considered a "duplicate".

A certain number of duplicates can be exchanged for missing collection items. Players can select an item they want to get instead of duplicates. The rate at which duplicates can be exchanged for a unique item will be 4 to 1 for the Hunt for Bismarck campaign.

After a collection is complete, the remaining duplicates are exchanged for Credits (10,000 Credits per emblem).

With the release of version 0.6.5, the Hunt for Bismarck collection will become available to players. The collection can be completed until the end of the campaign. After it ends, the collection will remain accessible to players who received at least one item in the collection.

The first collection that will be available for players—The Hunt for Bismarck—will contain items that constitute emblems of the key participants of this landmark World War II operation. The collection will consist of 24 elements, each of which appears – with equal probability – in special containers. A valuable reward will be given to all players who manage to build the entire collection—in the "Hunt for Bismarck" collection this reward includes two custom camouflages for Bismarck, "From the bottom of the ocean" and "The last cruise".

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User Interface


We have added a mission carousel in the Campaigns window to make the transition between selected tasks faster and easier: 

Now new campaigns will always appear at the top of the list and will be marked with a special icon. 

After the final task is completed, a window saying that the campaign is finished will appear:


The "Collect reward" button shows the window with the reward that will be credited to players' accounts when hovering over this button.

  • It is now possible to return to Port from any campaign window by pressing the ESC key. The previous windows in the Campaigns section can now be opened by clicking the button in the top left corner.
  • By clicking the "Collect reward" button, players will be taken to the screen of the task completed first. This is intended to make the selection of subsequent tasks within a mission more convenient.
  • A slot is also displayed in the list of rewards when receiving a ship as a reward for accomplishing campaign missions and other in-game activities.
  • When double-clicking a task, no hint is displayed now.
  • Pins that were issued to players for successful completion of tasks were replaced with stars. This change did not have any influence on the mechanics of campaigns.
  • Some wordings were changed to make them clearer.
  • The Hunt for Bismarck campaign now contains descriptions of historic events for each mission and for the entire campaign. 

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New Skins

A new type of camouflage has been added to the game. It works like a regular camouflage but it changes the ship's appearance and alters its shape. 

Players who prefer not to see this camouflage in battle can hide it in the Port.

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Ship Appearance

We improved the appearance of Tier IX ships using a special technology for high-quality rendering of thin elements (mostly the ships' riggings). The following ships have been affected: 

  • Udaloi
  • Tashkent
  • Dmitri Donskoi
  • Neptune
  • Roon
  • Friedrich der Große
  • Izumo
  • Taiho
  • Ibuki
  • Essex
  • Iowa
  • Baltimore
  • Fletcher
  • Black

Montana, North Carolina: fixed the geometry and textures of the main guns. This change will not affect the combat performance of the ship.

U.S cruisers: fixed the textures of the underwater hull.

Henri IV, T22: added the radar rotation animation.

Bougainville: fixed the geometry of the funnel.

Bogatyr: fixed the numerical waterline marks.

Yamato: aircraft catapults are now placed symmetrically.

Ognevoi: fixed camera and rope crossing.

Kagero: fixed the bug where the national flag obstructed the camera's view.

T-22: fixed camera and gun barrel crossing.

Missouri, Montana, Iowa: Barrel jacket colour has been changed from light to dark for higher historical accuracy.

Dragon Signal Flag: A new price of 60 doubloons instead of 50 has been set. This will only affect the cost of selling the flag in the Inventory. 

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New content

  • The following Premium ships were added to the game client for testing by developers and supertesters: De Grasse (French Tier VI cruiser), and Kidd (U.S. Tier VIII Destroyer). These ships are not available for purchase and research but players may encounter them in battle.

Campaign Camouflage: The expendable "Hunter" camouflage will be available for all ships. It is achieved through the Hunt for Bismarck campaign and offers the following benefits:

  • Standard battle performance bonuses
  • +20% to credits
  • +50% to XP
  • +100% to Commander XP

"From the bottom of the ocean" camouflage and "The last cruise" camouflage for Bismarck and Hood added. They are achieved by completing the Hunt for Bismarck campaign and from completing the collection, and offer the following benefits:

  • Standard battle performance bonuses
  • +50% to XP

New special Signal Flags were added. In update 0.6.5, they can be earned during the "The Hunt for Bismarck" campaign:

Image Flag Name Flag Effect
Wyvern  +50% Credits
Red Dragon

+100% to XP

+100% to Commander XP

Ouroboros +777% to Free XP

+50% to XP

+150% to Commander XP,

+250% to Free XP

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Other Changes

  • Signals are now divided into three groups: economic, combat, and special. Signals in each group are sorted by roles.
  • Camouflage can be demounted and can be used later (like signals).
  • Added an option in the Port that allows hiding or showing additional content, such as ARP ships or special camouflage. The menu with this option can be found above the ship carousel. Now players can adjust the display of the in-game content as they want:

    • It is possible not to set any restrictions and show all in-game content.
    • It is also possible to hide all in-game content in the Port. In this case, all ships in battle will be displayed as standard researchable ships.
    • It is possible to hide the unique camouflage of a ship, but to keep ships in the Port. In this case, all ships in battle and in the Port will be displayed as standard researchable ships, and Commanders will look like regular Commanders, but can be assigned only to special ships.
  • After Update 0.6.5 releases all filters will be set according to the settings the player had in their latest game session.
  • Added advanced settings for dynamic lighting—"Medium". This will allow for optimising the game client performance when using dynamic lighting. 


New achievements have been added to the game client. They can be obtained for completing the final mission in the Hunt for Bismarck campaign, for completing the Hunt for Bismarck collection, and for completing all the missions in the campaign:

 The Hunt for Bismarck

Achievement for completing the final mission in the campaign

 The Hunt for Bismarck Collection

Achievement for completing the collection

 The Hunt for Bismarck with honours

Achievement for completing all the missions in the campaign



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Balance Changes

Warspite: Turning time of main guns decreased from 72 to 54.5 seconds.

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Fixed Defects, Errors, and Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where music files named with non-Latin characters were not played.
  • Fixed a rarely encountered bug where the game client crashed when closing the game.
  • Fixed a bug where a window for confirming the mounting of permanent camouflage appeared when not necessary.
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor showed the incorrect status when playing with aircraft carriers.
  • Fixed a bug where aircraft icons were incorrectly displayed on the minimap.
  • Fixed a rarely encountered bug where a hint appeared above the minimap when playing with aircraft carriers.
  • Fixed a bug that could block players' ships after leaving the battle.
  • Fixed a bug where the Premium Port was not enabled automatically after purchasing Premium Account.
  • Fixed a bug where the game client crashed when opening a container and collecting another container simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera automatically switched to another main-battery mount after spotting an enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shift key responded after a delay, and improved switching to Binocular View by pressing the Shift key. 

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