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Game Updates

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[Update] Version Update Notes

Please note that the World of Warships server will undergo brief maintenance of a few minutes to implement Version

The update happens 13 July; preparation begins at 07:00 CEST until 08:30 CEST (UTC +2). Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug that automatically executed task 4 in first mission of “Honorable Service” (only if it was active in 0.6.6). This affected the progress of the mission and because of that it is impossible to carry out the mission and campaign with honors. 
  • Changed ship parameters that are currently in testing by developers, super testers, and collectors.


0.6.7 Update Notes

The update happens June 29; preparation begins at 07:00 CEST until 09:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Ranked Battles | Economy ChangesNew Content | New Map: Riposte | Improvements and Fixes 

Long overdue! Now you can change your in-game name for Doubloons in the "Account Management" section of your profile!


We've seen some questions about mods -- please note that any mods previously installed may cause compatibility issues with any update. If you have mods and have difficulty playing, try launching the normal game in "Safe Mode" using the drop-down arrow next to the "Play" button, then uninstall, or otherwise remove the mods. 

Update notes are subject to change. 

Ranked Battles Season 7

Ranked Battles are back! Starting at Service Record Level 14, face off against foes in fast-paced battles with seven-player teams! Win battles for rewards and stars to earn new Ranks!

Starts: June 30 at 08:00 CEST (UTC+2) 
Ends: August 07 08:00 CEST (UTC+2)  

When you triumph in Ranked Battles, your rank increases, your opponents get tougher, and the rewards get better! Earn Rank 1 for the ultimate season reward and even more bonuses.


Ranked Battles: Fast Facts

There are 23 ranks separated into leagues: Third League, Second League, First League, Premier League, and the League of Sea Wolves

If it’s your first season of Ranked Battles, you’ll start at Rank 23  -- if you played in the prior season of Ranked Battles, you’ll get bonus stars, one for each of the Ranks you reached

When you reach Ranks 23-17 and Ranks 15, 12 and 1, they are irrevocable

At Ranks 23-20, you can’t lose a star for a defeat. For most Ranks, a defeat means you lose a star -- avoid it by being your team’s top XP earner

You’ll need Tier VI ships for battles at Ranks 23-2 – get to Rank 1 and play moves to Tier VIII ships!

Team lineups mirror each other in terms of ship types and tiers



Tier VI battles take place on: Strait, Ring, New Dawn, Fault Line, Trident, Neighbors, and Riposte 

Tier VIII Ranked players will clash on Trident, Neighbors, Northern Lights, North, and Riposte



Jolly Roger flag for reaching Rank 1 for the first time

Jolly Roger II for reaching Rank 1 a second time

Premium Tier VII cruiser USS Flint for reaching Rank 1 a third time

A new Jolly Roger III design for reaching Rank 1 a fourth time

Tier IX Premium destroyer USS Black for reaching Rank 1 a fifth time

Make it to Rank 1 for the sixth time, and you'll get the Jolly Roger IV flag! 

Ranked Battles Season 7 info



Stars for next rank

Ship Tier

Map Pool

Third League


1 star on the 23rd rank, 2 stars for ranks 22-16




New Dawn

Fault Line




Second League


3 stars for the next rank

First League


4 stars for the next rank

Premier League


5 stars for ranks 5-2

League of Sea Wolves




Northern Lights



Warrior’s Path (Epicenter mode)




 22 500,000 Credits
 21 10 signals of each of Sierra Mike, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, and Mike Yankee Soxisix 
 20 10 signals of each of India Delta, India Yankee, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, Juliet Charlie, November Foxtrot, and Hotel Yankee 
 19  10 signals of each of Zulu, India Bravo Terrathree, Papa Papa, Equal Speed Charlie London, and Zulu Hotel
 18 10 signals of each of Sierra Mike, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, India Delta, India Yankee, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, Juliet Charlie, and November Foxtrot 
 17 15 Type 5 Camouflage
 16 1 day of Premium time 
 15 Third League flag (Bonus: –5% to the cost of a ship's post-battle service) and a Commemorative flag for participating in the season 
 14  15 signals of each of Sierra Mike, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, and Mike Yankee Soxisix
 13 15 signals of each of India Delta, India Yankee, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, Juliet Charlie, November Foxtrot, and Hotel Yankee 
 12 20 signals of each of Zulu, India Bravo Terrathree, Papa Papa, Equal Speed Charlie London, and Zulu Hotel 
 11 250 Doubloons 
10   Flag of the Second League (Bonus: –10% to the cost of a ship's post-battle service) 
 9 x15 Halloween'16 Camo 
 8  x15 Restless Fire Camo
 7  x15 World of Warships Birthday Camo
 6 x15 Type 3 Halloween Camo 
 5  First League Flag (Bonus: –20% to the cost of a ship's post-battle service)
 4 x15 Valentine Camo 
 3 x15 St. Patrick's Day Camouflage  
 2 x15 gamescom Camouflage 
 1 x100 Ranked Camouflage, 2,500 Doubloons, and the main reward—the Jolly Roger flag!


Prepared for the  League of Sea Wolves?

If you're valiant enough to reach rank one, you will be able to make it to the League of Sea Wolves. Admission to the League of Sea Wolves comes with repeatable quests:

Prime Time will be between 18:00 CEST and 23:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Mission: Seasoned Sea Wolves

  • Repeatable
  • Tier VIII only
Conditions - over any amount of battles:
  • Be in the Top 2 XP scorers on Your Team (Ranked Battles only)
Rewards - once finished, you will receive:
  • 1 Random container


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Economy Changes

New reward ratios for detection, spotting and potential damage!

We’ve analysed data collected since Update 0.6.0 and reconfigured the reward ratios for the following activities:

  • Increased reward for spotting ships by ~25% for carriers and by ~50% for cruisers and destroyers
  • Increased reward for damage from your spotting by ~50% for carriers and by ~75% for cruisers and destroyers
  • Decreased reward for potential damage by 75% for carriers, by 50% for battleships and destroyers, and by 25% for cruisers


Once averaged, our data showed:

  • Rewards for carriers, battleships and cruisers won’t change
  • Credit and XP rewards for destroyers should increase by an average of 2%


Each ship type gets more rewards for engaging in their priority activities:

  • Carriers: Damage upon your spotting; spotting
  • Battleships: Potential damage
  • Cruisers: Potential damage; damage upon your spotting; spotting
  • Destroyers: Damage upon your spotting; spotting; potential damage


Potential Damage is comprised of the following:

  • Potential maximum damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that hit your ship, with or without causing damage
  • Potential damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that were fired/launched by the enemy at your ship but which did not hit


XP and Credit Ratio Changes

We’ve analysed data on the XP and Credit earnings of all ships, and have introduced the following changes to XP and Credit-earning ratios:




  • Erie: -10%
  • Black Swan: -5%
  • Hermelin: -10%
  • Hashidate: -5%
  • Orlan: -5%
  • Bouganville +10%
  • T-22: +5%;
  • Podvoisky: +10%
  • Gnevny: +10%
  • Ognevoi: +10%
  • Tashkent: +10%

Premium Ships:

  • Mutsu: +5%
  • Duca d'Aosta: +5% 


  • South Carolina: -5%
  • North Carolina: -5%
  • Erie: -5%
  • Bouganville: +5%
  • Nürnberg: +5%
  • Aoba: +5%
  • Orlan: -5%
  • Budyonny: +5%
  • Isokaze: +5%
  • Storozhevoi: -5%
  • Podvoisky: +5%
  • Gnevny: +5%
  • Minsk: +5%
  • Kiev: +5%
  • Tashkent: +10%
  • Grozovoi: +5%



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New Content


Premium Soviet Tier V battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, British battleships HMS Nelson, HMS King George V, Lion and Conqueror (Tiers VII-X) added to game for testing by developers, supertesters and contributors.


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New Map: "Riposte”

Ready your favourite vessels and try out the new "Riposte" map, created specifically for Ranked Battles. Take a Mediterranean holiday, bask in the warm waters, and stay on guard -- “Riposte” offers absolute symmetry with twin islands that ships of any type can use to their advantage.


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Improvements and Fixes

  • Ranger: To ensure a consistent distribution of hit points along the ship’s hull, the survivability of the steering gear and superstructures on the stock hull were aligned with the survivability of the ship.
  • Pensacola: To ensure a consistent distribution of hit points along the ship’s hull, the number of hit points at the stern of the stock hull was increased by 22% but the ship’s HP remains the same as a result of this change.
  • De Grasse: Changed information about the ship’s year of manufacturing. The text “Entered service: 1956 Ships in a series: 1” was replaced with the following text: “Entered service: 1938”. The change was made due to drastic changes between the ship’s design in 1938 and the ship that entered service in 1956.
  • Tirpitz: Enabled the deployment of the catapult when launching the aircraft.
  • Corrected display of Commander status in post-battle statistics screen
  • Corrected Port filter function when Elite and Premium ships are selected at the same time
  • “Select a suitable ship” no longer displays in the Campaigns section if you select a correct ship when you re-enter the game
  • Commander carousel now shows the Commander whose Personal File is being accessed
  • Fixed "No places left in the Reserve" displaying when a player below Service Record level 7 sells several ships
  • Fixed bug where fighters occasionally got stuck in a close loop while approaching their target during an Alt attack
  • Fixed incorrect display of HP value for restored per second for ships in the Port when the “India Delta” Signal Flag is mounted
  • Fixed a bug related to the use of the .mp3 format in user modifications that made it impossible to play files in that format
  • Fixed the bug that caused the Arpeggio and Italian voiceovers to be processed incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to launch in a different resolution when restarted
  • Fixed the bug related to flickering squadron cells when the respective squadrons were returning to the carrier
  • Fixed incorrect chat messages from bots in Operation Aegis
  • Changed the wording of the interrogative sentence shown when re-assigning a Commander to a different ship
  • Kaga and De Grasse are now available for purchase with Doubloons in the game client.
  • Added the High School Fleet port.


Changed completion criteria for some Campaign tasks:

In the Science of Victory campaign:

  • Mission 1, Task 7: Added an option to complete the task in a Random Battle
  • Mission 8, Task 9: Reduced the fires counter to five from the previous 10


In Mission 1, Task 4 of the Honorable Service campaign: 

  • Changed the wording from "Be the first to spot 2 enemy destroyers" to "Destroy 1 enemy destroyer and win the battle"
  • Changed the number of stars granted for completing this task from 3 to 2. If the task was already selected, it will be discontinued automatically


H2-Oh Yeah! 

The look of water is improved with a new lighting calculation model that should help it align better with the scenery. Let us know what you think of the new waves and splashes! 

Reworked sky textures for all weather conditions

Reworked the settings for water and lighting

• On all available maps, we have improved the visibility of the torpedo cone, shell tracers and smoke screen boundaries, and reduced the thickness of fog.

Improved lighting effects on all maps, added dynamic lighting on the following maps:

  • Strait, New Dawn, The Atlantic, North, Hotspot, Fault Line, Two Brothers, Land of Fire Shards Sea of Fortune, Islands, Northern Lights, Okinawa, Trident, Neighbors, Loop, Estuary, Haven, Operation Killer Whale, Defense of Naval Station Newport




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Use a special filter to hand-tailor your audio settings: 

1. Mixed: Keeps the music the same as the previous update

2. Original: Only plays tracks added before the introduction of dynamic music

3. Dynamic: Plays dynamic music only, without old tracks



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